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Smaaash, Lower Parel

Victoria House Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013


Phone Number
022 49143143

About Smaaash
While travelling on the MumbaiLocal is entertaining, if you’re seeking a place to have some real fun, then try out Smaaash at Lower Parel. Launched in 2012 by cricketing God Sachin Tendulkar, Mumbai’s Smaaash has grown bigger and better with each passing year and become a site for wholesome entertainment and unforgettable memories. So if you’re wondering what the hubbub is about, then let us enlighten you. For here’s what makes Smaaash a smashing success! 

Image by Pixabay

Brief history

Let’s begin with the basics. Contrary to the popular belief, the name of the place is Smaaash with three ‘a’s. It is not Smash Mumbai or even Smaash Mumbai. If you think that we’re being perfectionists, then the brand ambassador of Smaaash is Sachin Tendulkar, enuff said. But irreverence aside, the brand’s popularity is growing by the minute and they already have outlets in Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Bengaluru. The Mumbai outlet is spread over 120,000 sq feet and is the only one of its kind in the city.

While there is no entry fee at Smaaash in Lower Parel, the individual games at the entertainment zone have their own rates and are usually between Rs 250-2500.

Entertainment options
The Mumbai outlet has the following attractions:

Exclusive to Mumbai

XD Interactive Theater: While 4-D and 5-D theatres have now become commonplace for Mumbaikars, you have not truly experienced the medium until you have been to Smaaash! Like the movie Inception, it will make you question reality. Yeah it’s that good.
Price: Rs 250 (weekdays), Rs 300 (weekends)Image by Pixabay

Sky Karting: Go-karting is passé. It’s time for skykarting which is basically go-karting done at high speeds. And by speed we mean, scream-your-lungs-out-and-pray-to-your-favourite-God speed.
Price: Rs 400-2500 (depending on the time and experience levels)
Zipline: If you’re too lazy to travel to Lonavala/Khandala to suspend yourself mid-air, then try the one at Smaaash. You’ll come out with an ear-to-ear smile plastered on your face.
Price: Rs 150 (1 ride), Rs 250 (2 rides)
Snow Rush: Technically Mumbai has only two seasons, Monsoon and summer, and this leads to the need for snow (NFS anyone?) So if you’re looking for a place to chill (literally), then head to the Snow Rush in Smaaash. The zone has ski carousel, sledge carts, igloos and, wait for it, a snow war room.
Price: Rs 400

Other attractions

While Smaaash has no dearth of games, we’ve picked out the classics:
Cockpit 360: Your childhood fighter plane fantasies end here as the game will put you right into the middle of the action of apocalyptic World War. As Gandalf said ‘Fly you fools!’
Smaaash Cricket: Virtual pitch with s state-of-the-art simulator that will make you feel Dale Steyn’s Yorkers! Game for some?
Goalie Guacamole: The motto to follow here would be to keep calm and score. Because penalties aren’t pleasant when the goalkeeper moves faster than an F1 car (cue-devious background music).
Walk the Plank: Ever had that feeling in your nightmare where you’re perched precariously on a tightrope and are about to fall. No? Well you will probably have it after you walk the plank at Smaaash.
Twilight Bowling: Getting high at a place titled Smaaash might seem obvious, but when you have neon-lit bowling tracks that glow like Pandora, you know we’re not kidding! One of the key attractions at Smaaash, Lower Parel, a single session here will cost you Rs 400-500 depending on whether it’s a weekday or a weekend.

Eating retreats
Mighty Small: Continental cuisine, Rs 1200 (meal for 2)
Big Fat Treats: dessert Bar (Rs 150-200 for a dessert)

One can get a beer here for Rs 49 (Yes, you read that right).
Play all games at the zone for Rs 699 (only students with valid ID cards can avail this offer)

Clue Hunt, Bandra West

301, Roha Orion, 16th Road, Near Mini Punjab Restaurant, Bandra West, Mumbai-400050



Phone Number
022 26005225

About Clue Hunt
Imagine yourself in a trench coat and with a magnifying glass in your hand, following clues to solve a mystery. Or getting into life-or-death situations and escaping by the sliver of a hair. Well, imagine no more!
Clue Hunt: How it worksThanks to Clue Hunt, India’s first live escape game, you can now awaken the Sherlock in you and get your brain waves tingling at eleven rooms scattered across Kurla, Bandra, Andheri and Lower Parel. Locked inside an unbelievably bizarre room, you have a few clues, your team and your wits to get you out of there.The game might sound simple, but it’s no child’s play. The right number of team members (4-8, we think) is critical, for a smaller team makes the task much tougher, and too many people means there is hardly any sting in the tail. If you are a large group, you can split into two groups and compete with each other, with a game master present to guide you.The best part? You are always competing against the clock.
Precision’s the wordTo perfect the game, the planning must be fool proof – each scene is set up with immense attention to detail. Hours are spent poring over the theme, the mystery, and the clues, with as much as a month and a half going into the production of a single room. Ketan Chhatpar, Clue Hunt co-founder, told us, “Our endeavour is to make every game different from each other, to make each experience unique.”
                                                                        Image from Pixabay

Games people playSo far their most popular game is ‘The Lock-Up Mystery’, where you have to save a professor who has been wrongly jailed. Other hot-selling games include The Art Gallery, The Terrorists Hideout, and The Missing Scientist.Notably, they had a special offer for Valentine’s Day, where a handful of men proposed to their better halves in the mystery game room.
The bottom lineWhether you are a pack of friends, tourists, a bunch of gamers or a manager looking for some team-bonding exercises, Clue Hunt is the perfect recipe for an invigorating time. Tell you what – after trying our hand at it, we found bowling and laser tag are so last year.So the next time you want a big helping of fun, you know where you should be headed!Contact them at +91-7045260378.

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