Ever Thought of Gifting Someone an App, Made Especially for Them? Try Giftract

How often do you go gift-shopping for your friends and family, and find yourself mulling over what to buy and how to come up with something different! Since we at NearFox have a massive social circle, this is a pain we can totally relate to. Naturally then, when we stumbled on Giftract, a platform that helps you give personalised apps as gifts, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We caught up with Sahil Vora from NMIMS and Disha Selarka, from UPG who founded Giftract, to dig deeper.

Gift Shopping Made Easy

Sahil, Disha and their group of friends were all in their final year, when they happened to have a chat on what farewell gifts they would like to receive. Soon they realised that meaningful options were very few and far between, and it call came down to perfumes, watches and even boxers! After much deliberation, they got together and decided to solve the problem in a hatke manner. The result was Giftract, a platform that allows users to custom- build an app and gift it to friends, family and loved ones.

App for All Occasions

Whether it’s your bestie’s birthday, your parents’ wedding anniversary, a Merry Christmas wish or Father’s Day, or if you just want to make that special someone feel even more special, Giftract has you covered.

Gifting Made Interactive

Giftract combines the use of a smartphone with emotions to create and gift an app. You can use your creativity to design the app using the existing templates, or choose your own theme. An obvious question is, you can always make a video montage, so why build an app? Because an app does all this – and much more.

Hide your messages behind the questions selected by you. Ask your friends a riddle, give them a countdown or send them on a treasure hunt, the list of possibilities is endless. You can also challenge your friends by creating games with levels of difficulty and wishes to be unlocked at every stage. After all, what can be more personal than your own app?

How Does it Work?

Relax, you dont need to be a genius or know how to code to build an app. All you have to do is log on to the website, go through the demo, select your theme, enter your data in the easy-to-use dashboard, and kick back – their team of developers will work their magic.

Developing an app is no mean feat, but what we loved about Giftract is all their apps are developed and delivered within 48 hours! Last-minute gift shopping, anyone? Besides, they also have an express delivery option, wherein they deliver the app via a download link for Android and iOS within 24 hours. Impressive, we say!

Not Heavy on Pocket

The very idea of an app for an individual sounds like heavy money is involved, but these guys have taken care of that. Prices start from Rs 660 for a single question and message app, and can go up to Rs 4,000 for a more interactive app with games. All of this is easily payable through PayuMoney.

Perfection, Personalised

With experiential gifts being all the rage these days, Giftract is definitely something you should give a shot. As Sahil says: “Like Steve Jobs brought personal computers into our homes, we aim to take personalised apps to peoples phones.”

With plans for further development in the pipeline, we cant wait to see what they have in store for us.

To get your app, check out their website here

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