3 IITians Have Made An Entire Bus Stop With Bamboos, & We’re Impressed Yet Again

Often we hear IITians launching a world-changing startup, or inventing an uber cool drone. But during one of our strolls through IIT-Bombay (yeah, we are like that), we spotted this awesome bus stop constructed by the students themselves. The bus stop has become a landmark in IIT now. Truth be told, there is nothing regular about this bus stop whatsoever. Find out!

It all began one fine day when three IITians – Deepak, Prateek and Akhilesh (who have completed their Masters research work on construction with bamboo) – came up with a plan to apply their theoretical knowledge to bamboo, one of the most versatile materials man has ever known.

For all the poor souls of IIT who wait till eternity to catch a TumTum (the campus bus), enduring the monsoon rains and summer heat, the idea of a bamboo bus stop came is a blessing indeed.

But the journey of converting research into reality was not an easy one. The first hurdle was to get permissions from the Dean of the Institutes Transport Committee, and convincing him took some doing. Then, there was the obvious problem of funding. Getting approvals wasn’t easy either, but they did it anyway.

Then came the stage of actual construction. Each bamboo culm was selected manually to ensure quality and consistency in the design. They were then treated with chemicals left to dry for a week before construction. This was done to increase their resistance from termite and fungal attacks. When everything seemed alright, there came the pre-monsoon showers, slowing down the entire process. It was difficult but the outcome was worth the trials!

Finally, Mumbai got its first eco-friendly bus stop, and IITians got a better spot to wait for their beloved TumTum. The bus stop stands tall even after 6 years. You can check it out in the IIT Bombay campus near Hostel 10 in front of Gulmohar restaurant.

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