‘All Of Mumbai’s 400 Iyengar Bakeries Are Fake’

If you live in Mumbai, it is unlikely that you’ve crossed an area that didn’t have a ‘Bangalore Iyengar Bakery’ outlet in sight. The famous chain has about 400 shops in the city. Sadly, though, all of them are fake, and they might be consigned to history, says a report published in Mid-Day today.

The news came to light when the owners of the original Iyengar Bakery in Bangalore decided to patent the term ‘Iyengar Bakery’. The outlets in Mumbai are run by some Vokkaligas, Lingayats, Gowdas and also a few non-Kannadigas. Started in 1950, the Iyengar Bakery has had a trademark license for 62 years now, and they decided to apply for a patent after it was estimated that about 1,500 outlets by the same name have mushroomed across the country.

The Mumbai outlets, though, might be spared if they agree to become a part of the original Iyengar Bakery franchise. We just hope everything gets sorted out and we don’t have to say goodbye to our favorite Cream Rolls, Rava Cakes and Dil Pasand.

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