Meet the Young Ranveer Singhs of Mumbai who are Redefining Fashion for Indian Men

Did ‘Sex and the City’ make you associate fashion only with women? Do you think fashion is a rather unfamiliar territory where men ought not to venture? If yes, hold your breath, for these two best friends will bust these myths of yours, and then some. NearFox presents to you Sohail and Zaid, gen-next fashionistas from Mumbai who are giving other men some serious style goals.

The Khans of Fashion

Best friends Sohail and Zaid Khan travelled to Mumbai from the UAE and Oman, respectively, for higher studies. But soon they realised their passion for fashion (and lack of it for education) was telling them to tread another path. That, coupled with their distaste for Indian men who haven’t a style clue in the whole wide world, gave birth to Khans Couture: an online platform that lets Indian men mix and match to increase their swag quotient.

Welcome to Swag-dom

What do they do, you ask. Well, starting from self-funded photo shoots to collaborations with brands like Mr Button, Zaid and Sohail chart out the best of what to do and how to do of fashion for men. Check out their amazing blog here.

Women, No Cry

Ladies, dont fret, for the Khans have something in store for you as well. Although they personally blog about womens clothing, they have guest bloggers now and then to ensure no one feels alienated.


When asked about their personal favourites, we heard a unanimous: “Ranveer Singh is our inspiration!” Could we agree more?

As for a quick tip for all men reading this (or women who want their men to read this), Try things that are quirky and definitely add more layers to your whole get-up, explains Zaid. Maybe throw an old denim shirt over your Game of Thrones tee and couple them with a pair of ripped jeans. Easy peasy!

For more such fashion tips, follow Khans Couture on Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow Zaid and Sohail on Instagram

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