Lakes in Mumbai: Shore in the city

While waterfront for most Mumbaikars is a promenade by the umpteen beaches in the city, the lakes in Mumbai are not far behind when it comes to offering comfort. Be it the ever popular Powai lake or the hinterland-located Tulsi lake, Mumbais lakes are visited by people of all ages who look forward to having a relaxing time. So if you havent yet visited them, heres what youre missing out on!

Powai Lake

The biggest man-made lake within city limits, Powai Lake is famous for its recreational facilities and for being the site of IIT-Bombay, one of the premier educational institutions in the country. The water at the lake is not potable and is mainly used for industrial purposes. The lake is also a great site for bird-watching as it hosts a number of aquatic birds like egrets, herons, kingfishers, falcons , parrots, and more.
Getting there: Powai Lake can be accessed by getting down at Andheri station and taking bus number 186.

Tulsi Lake

Located far inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Tulsi Lake is a source of water to Mumbaikars and is the smallest of all lakes located inside the island city. Getting here is a real long shot though as special access permission is required from the Park authorities. The lake site is abundant in flora and fauna with the marsh crocodile being the apex predator here.

Vihar Lake

The largest lake situated within the city premises, Vihar supplies 4% of the citys total water requirements and is located in between Goregaon and Andheri. The lake is known for its scenic beauty, especially during the monsoon and is the source of the Mithi River.

Image by Mandar Dewalkar/CC BY-SA 3.0

Upvan Lake

Also known as the Pokhran Lake,
Upvan Lake is arguably the most beautiful lake that one can access in
the city. Overlooking the scenic Yeoor Hills, Upvan Lake has gathered prominence in recent times due to the Upvan Lake Fest, in which the biggest
names in the music industry perform live. The lake is beautifully lit up
during the night, stealing many a photographers heart!
Getting there: To reach Upvan Lake, one can take a train to Thane station and take TMT bus numbers 35 and 10 in that sequence.

Talao Pali

Also known as the Masunda Lake, the standout aspect of this lake is the island situated in its centre which can be accessed only by boats. Boating at the lake is an activity that has found a following amongst the youth and is a popular hangout spot for both families and friends alike.
Getting there: To reach Talao Pali, one can take a train to Thane station and take TMT bus number 92.

So go ahead and visit these lakes in Mumbai. NOW!

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