Lassi Te Parontthe: Happiness has many layers

If you happen to be taking a stroll along Carter Road Khau Galli, you are likely to run into the tempting aroma of Shudh Desi Ghee that pulls you towards a tiny paronttha eatery even as you ignore the high-end joints around it. Truth is, we might gorge on cheesy pizzas and burgers like nobody’s business, but deep down, nothing comes close to the mighty paronttha for us Mumbaikars. To employ a bit of a rhyme, there is love for firangi paani, Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani!

Here’s the lowdown on the man who’s taking the paronttha-lassi combo to dizzying heights with his venture Lassi Te Parrontthe.

Rolling out the Parronttha

Originally a stock trader, Nikhil came up with the idea of a place that sells proper food during one of his regular hangout sessions at his friends tattoo shop on Carter’s. He could see the obvious void when it came to solid Indian food in the area. Thus, Lassi Te Parrontthe was born!

Image by Sheena

Some like it hot

Nikhils home-made parrontthe are simply out of this world and served hot, right out of the oven! Every single parronttha is freshly made, right in front of you, by Nikhil himself. Whether it’s Aloo, Methi, Gobi or Paneer, Nikhil tops them with dollops of ghee or home-made kulhar wala dahi to ensure you have that foodgasmic experience.

Fresh from the kulhar

We’ve gone ga-ga over the parronthhe, but tell you what, the lassi here is no mean feat either. One gulp of the Jaggery Lassi that’s served in authentic kulhars here, and you become a slave for life.

For those with a salty tooth, the chaas here is legendary as well. Which means regardless of where you place your finger on the menu, delectable delights are headed your way.

Still a parronttha amateur at Carters? We just told you how to go pro, didn’t we?

Price for two: Rs 250

Address: Khau Galli, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Phone: +91-9892612728

The main image for this article is by Sheena

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