Mumbai Police: 6 mind-blowing facts you didn’t know

We troll them, we fear them, we love to hate them, but we rarely thank them! The Mumbai Police takes all that in its stride and still goes about its duty religiously whether its ensuring the safety of civilians or responding to a terrorist attack, sometimes putting their own life in peril. Here are some quick facts about Mumbai Police that will tell you why they are the unsung heroes of our time.

Image by B. Katrak/Wikipedia

Scotland Yard

…of the East. We kid you not. Mumbai Police was so efficient at one point that includes catching the culprit, comforting the victim and, well, solving the case they were called Scotland Yard of the East. In fact, the two forces also shared the ranking at one point in time. Boy is that impressive!

Fastest response time in the world

The elite commando force of Mumbai Police, a counter-terrorism unit formed after the 2008 attacks, is called, wait-for-it, Force One! A power-packed name for the power-packed performers they are! This unit has the fastest response time in the world under 15 minutes in case of a terror strike!

Image by Suyog/CC BY-SA 3.0

Dirty Harrys who rid the city of Underworld

If there is one police force in India that has kicked some serious Underworld ass, its got to be Mumbai Police. Not many remember it vividly now, but they weeded out the Underworld of the 90s like nobodys business. Members of the special, infamous and often misrepresented Encounter Squad, comprising names like Daya Nayak, Pradeep Sharma, Sachin Waze and Vijay Salaskar, would sometimes carry out over 50 encounters in one year, and were called Mumbais Dirty Harrys by the press.

Image from MumbaiPolice’s Twitter account

14-hour days

Cribbing about staying at work for two more hours? Hear this. The 36,000-strong Mumbai Police works for 14 hours a day. And they work on days like New Year and national holidays, going to far off-places for the sake of security. And what do they get for it? Rs 400 to Rs 900, or sometimes a days salary. Not a deal you would sign up for, right?

Pittance for salary

Constables, who make the chunk of the force, make little money despite their demanding jobs. A back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests that a Mumbai Police constable with seven years experience makes around Rs 21,000 a month. To put things in perspective, the iPhone you bought last month was north of Rs 60,000. A ‘fresher’ constable would get Rs 15,000-16,000 per month.

Image from MumbaiPolice’s Twitter account

Health issues

Mumbai is not a kind city to live it, especially when you have to battle the elements summers are long, humid and demoralising, rains dont stop till they have flooded the city, traffic is a complete mess and the pollution unrelenting. Add to that the fact that these law-keepers have very erratic schedules, and what you get is a host of health problems from hypertension and diabetes to serious, life-threatening diseases.

Image from MumbaiPolice’s Twitter account

All in all

No administrative work can be free of controversy, much less in a large bureaucracy like ours. For what they are, and for what they are not, we love you, Mumbai Police, and salute your bravery and hard work (and that amazing Twitter account).
Yes, you may file a case against Kasab for entering CST without a ticket (LOL) and sometimes come in the way of our revelry. But we know its for our good.

Thank you!

The main image for this article was sourced from Mumbai Police’s Twitter account

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