OF10 Powai: The fabulous co-working office space

Startups are unstoppable and all that, but pricey office space and lack of networking/mentors can often crush dreams. While Mumbai is teeming with co-working and pay-as-you-go spaces that have liberated people from hefty rentals and binding contracts, none of these focus on providing members with what they need most: the opportunity to network, collaborate, and form lasting bonds with like-minded people.

More OF10 than not

Enter OF10, a new-age co-working space bang in the middle of the posh Hiranandani, the epicentre of the Powai Valley. Were talking next-level interiors, a beyond-belief caf, plush sofas, whacky walls and, wait for it, like-minded people that help each other out! Imagine a clueless techie trying to get some branding going for his startup venture and, Voila, a digital marketing agency bailing him out with creatives and strategy. Or a VC firm doing the due diligence, without charging a dime, on the funding offer youve managed to bag but cant understand a word of.

Happy to help

This isnt happenstance. Creating an environment of synergies – and where people help each other out with their expertise – was the idea that drove brothers Upahar and Umang Sood, US-based techie and investment banker, respectively, to launch OF10. No wonder then, mere rental cant assure you of a place here – teams are interviewed personally by the founders to assess if they will fit the bill as far as cooperation goes.

Says Harsh Jain, founder of Crispy Games, who was formerly with Google : “Indian startups can definitely get a leg-up from a collaborative work culture, something that is missing right now. This is where a concept like OF10 fills the void perfectly.”

Heres a sneak peek into this wonderful mega office space.

Designed to perfection, the 6000 sq. ft. space is adorned with curated artwork and customised furniture. Hell, how do they ever manage to come out of office!

With Big Boss watching, youd better get your act together. The bespectacled dogs million-dollar expression is to-die-for!

To infuse some energy into the tired mind, there is a PlayStation 4 and caf area.

This cozy telephone booth ensures that taking and making calls doesnt disturb others.

Events like start-up incubation sessions, hackathons, talks and workshops are often organised, ensuring people can learn from others and share expertise.

They also conduct yoga sessions and, wait for it, even movie screenings! Not just this, members can use the space to host their own events as well. Their signature event, Start-up Garage, is a combination of all such endeavours to boost start-up work culture.

Rent isnt the end-all

The arrangement is an absolute godsend for freelancers, women startups and bootstrapped startups in that there are flexible payment plans for them.

Within a month of launch, OF10 already has eight companies under its roof. We know cooperation and synergies created an entire Silicon Valley in the US. With businesses like OF10, Powai Valley seems headed the same way.

For further details visit their website.

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