Mumbai’s Open Sky Slams: Rock the stage without a care in the world

Hundreds with their creative caps on cheer away, while another artsy Nazi performs on stage. And all that you hear is claps and claps! Welcome to Open Sky Slams: You cannot just be there and not cheer! The Bohemian atmosphere and the insanely talented people won’t let you!

A brainchild of Bangalore based poetry loyalist Shaun DSouza, Open Sky is a platform for all. (Read ALL). Be it a stand-up comic, poet, guitarist, singer or rapper, it has space for all. The idea is to bring together a community of people who wear their heart on their sleeve when it comes to performing arts.

A poem that beautifully describes the tragic end of a rape victim, another which mocks at the reality of how extroverts have ruined the lives of (us) introverts, a cute rapper, captivating art on display and many more! Phew! Overwhelmed already? You have seen nothing! The 8th Open Sky Slam was just out of this world.

We have definitely come a long way, says Utkarsh Pathak who co-manages the Mumbai slam along with his classmate Shivani Lalan. The first slam was at Cross Maidan, Churchgate. We had no lights, camera, action kind of a thing going there then, Shivani explains. Just a bunch of loyalists trying out their passions. From a bunch of 75 at Cross Maidan to a full posse of 260 at their latest slam in the dungeons of Anti Social, Khar, Open Sky has been growing both in terms of quality and professionalism.

Its like performing in front of the mirror just with real claps! In fact they consider breaking the ice so important that one HAS to socialize with AT LEAST three strangers at the slam. (If that makes someone see you as creepy, all you need to do is show him/her to the Open Sky team. They promise to show them creepy’!)

It is not just their quirky style that makes them different from other performance spaces. According to Shivani, its the stage they offer where people can express themselves without the fear of being rated or judged that makes them unique.

But sometimes their uniqueness can come in their way. People dont take us seriously chirps Shivani, the 18 year old co-manager of Open Sky. Being young, zany and eccentrically passionate about art makes people question. However, once they witness the Open Sky zeal, nothing needs to be explained.

Be it their peculiar crowdfunding system in which they pass their Daanpeti among the audience or their host of outlandishly awesome performances, Open Sky pushes boundaries always.

For a better idea of these too cool to be handled pool of talent, have a look at this short film.

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