This Hindi Teacher’s Clientele Includes Names Like Jacqueline Fernandez and William Dalrymple

Learning a new language is absolutely a strenuous, mind-gruelling task. What if we told you that you could be fluent enough in a language using movie posters, advertisements, jingles, riddles in around 25 hours to hold a conversation on the streets? That’s what Ms Pallavi Singh specializes in.

Hindi Lessons

It all started out of a desire which led to a question. In the process of learning French, she always wanted a local Frenchman whom she could converse with. Which made her wonder – What are foreigners in India doing to improve their Hindi? That is when she took up teaching Hindi to foreigners/expats.

The Process

Having started at the age of 20, she has now made it a full-time thing and has taught over 400 expats. Every class she takes is a well-structured, well-thought content of 60-75 minutes. Starting with basics like colours, numbers and days of the week, she then goes into more complex things including tenses, grammar, and vocabulary. To make it fun and interesting, she makes use of flashcards, Bollywood movie posters, riddles, story-making, draw your map, etc. which ensures that the students speak as much as possible.


However, she has faced her share of obstacles too. Foreigners have been fed that India is a cheap country and thus they are bewildered to know that each class costs Rs 1200. The erratic traffic, the havoc-causing rains, the moody auto-rickshaws, the unreliable taxis are of no help either.

Her Accomplishments

Despite these obstacles, she has constantly made her way up and her list of students include names like Mr William Dalrymple, acclaimed Historian and author, and actress Jacqueline Fernandez. She was even invited to be a TedX speaker in 2015 to speak about how languages serve as a great tool for social inclusion.

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