Passport application: Frequently asked questions

Following are the list of frequently asked questions related to passport registration.

If I have an urgency to go abroad, but my passport is damaged. Am I eligible to apply for tatkaal passport?

If the damaged passport is identifiable by the passport number, readable name and the photo can be identified, then you are eligible to apply for a re-issue of your passport through the tatkaal scheme. In case your passport is damaged and cannot be recognized then you are not eligible to apply for re-issue under this scheme. Thus, you should urgently visit the nearest passport seva kendra to get your issue solved.

How much time does it take for tatkaal passport to get issued?

For tatkaal applications, police verification is not required and within one working day excluding the date of submission, you can expect your tatkaal passport to be dispatched. Police verification is done only after the passport is issued.
Note: Passport issuance is a concern which is subjective to finding no inauspicious entry in the data system or report.

What is appointment quota while booking appointment for tatkaal applications?

There are two types of appointment quota which are followed for tatkaal applications, Normal and Tatkaal. Those applicants who cannot book an early appointment under tatkaal quota may consider to opt for a normal quota. Irrespective of the options the applicant may choose, tatkaal charges are applicable for both the quota

Can Nagaland citizens apply for a passport under the tatkaal scheme?

Unfortunately not as of yet.

In case, if parents have a passport which has inauspicious report after police verification or the parents have a criminal background, can the minor be issued a passport urgently?

Under such circumstances, urgent passport can be issued to the minor but it depends upon the approval of the passport officer.

Who can apply for a passport through tatkaal scheme?

There are various parameters for applicants who can apply for tatkaal scheme. For some applicants there can be a case when the passport cannot be issued under the tatkaal scheme. Click here to know the details by downloading the information booklet.

How much is the fee for tatkaal passport?

You can calculate your fee here as per your requirement.

Frequently asked question about passport application for minors

Who is a minor?

A person below 18 years of age is considered to be a minor in India.

What is the passport validity of a minor?

Minors between 15 to 18 years of age can apply for two different passport validation. One, they can apply for a passport that is valid until they turn 18. Two, they can opt for a 10 year validity passport. The fees for both the variants are different.

Is it necessary for both the parents to have a passport before applying for their childs passport?

It is not necessary, although if either one of them has a passport, it will exempt the child from a police verification.


Where is my nearest passport seva kendra?

Click here to locate your nearest passport seva kendra.

What is passport seva camp?

A passport seva camp refers to a temporary passport seva kendra or mobile van which are in service far from regular passport seva kendra in cities/towns. Applicants can submit their passport applications here.

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