Best Places To Find Pokemon In Chennai

The abundance of temples in Chennai is a good sign, because that means trainers in the city never run out of Pokeballs. But to compensate the large number of Pokeballs, it’s necessary to have as many Pokemon too. So, to make sure you get the rarest and the best Pokemon in Chennai, here’s a comprehensive guide on the subject.

Marina Beach

A home to Pikachu and Staryu, this beach has a water type or ice type Pokemon every 15 steps. With a couple of gyms and Pokestops nearby, you really can’t give this place a miss.

Anna Nagar Tower Park

This place has the most number of Pokemon and has a mix of both water and grass Pokemon. Once in the news for actually having a Blastoise, you could definitely try your luck there.

Victory War Memorial

Another place to find several grass and ground Pokemon, it is rumored to have some Snorlax doing the rounds in the evening. With a new team occupying the gym almost every other day, it’s a great area to train your Pokemon too.

Chennai Metro

As crazy as it may seem, the metro is full of Pokemon. Almost every metro station is a Pokestop, so it’s not rare that you end up finding a Dratini or a Porygon during one of your rides.


Poison Pokemon are the rarest and hardly available anywhere in the country but Pallikaranai. The wetland is bound to give more poison type Pokemon than you’ll find in the whole city, or rather the entire country.

Secret Tip

Head out to the most crowded areas of the city early morning and you’ll catch the ones you wouldn’t dream of getting any time of the day.

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