No Dog Chained At This Furry Friend Heaven In Bandra

Quick Take

Posh Pets is everything for pet owners. Apart from being a pet store, Posh Pets also offers a lodging service for your pets, expert training in behaviorism, and grooming services as well.  

Points For

Not only can you buy accessories like leashes, collars, and fun treats for your furry friend, you can leave your pet with them while you travel.

Founded by Captain Dhaval, a passionate animal lover who owns twelve dogs, you can be assured your pet will be treated well. He takes three to four pets at a time, and none of them are chained. They’re fed and groomed with regularity, and Dhaval consciously serves gluten free brands like  Ardeen Grange and Fedal.

They also sell pure breed dogs,  guinea pigs, hamsters, cats, and birds. But with the abandoning of pets becoming a rampant trend, Dhaval conducts a background check, and the potential owner will have to sign a legally binding contract that doesn’t let you abandon your pet.  

All In All

Posh Pets trains, feeds, and almost clothes your pet. Started by a real dog lover, this pet store has everything your furry friend needs.

Address:  Shop 5, St John Baptist Road, Mount Mary, Bandra West, Mumbai

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