Richfeel Reviews: Is Richfeel’s Treatment Fraud and Ineffective? Find out yourself!

Are you wondering if Richfeel’s treatments are actually effective? Do you think Richfeel is a fraud and opting for its services might cause you financial loss? Are you confused whether you should go ahead or not?

Then you have landed at the right place. You should definitely read the reviews from actual customers and understand how the treatment worked for them. We analysed hundreds of the comments and reviews from all over the internet including various blogs, Quora, and Youtube to come up with the list of reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Richfeel Reviews for Hair Treatment:

1. By Ekta Thakur

Ekta Thakur is a young student who was suffering from hair thinning problems since her childhood days. She has shared her experience about Richfeel Anagrow hair treatment and how it helped her to overcome her hair thinning problem in this Youtube video.

According to Ekta her overall experience was good as her hair thinning problem got solved but the only thing that had worried her was she had to quit her school for some days as the treatment takes a lot of time to take effect. But now the smile on her face says that she’s happy with the results.

2. By Mr. Rajesh Sawant

A private sector employee Mr. Rajesh Sawant has shared his review about the Richfeel Hair Treatment that he underwent for his Hair loss problems. He makes a point that the hair treatment solved his hair loss issues and also made him more confident in his work. He got so satisfied with the results that he even suggested Richfeel to his wife for her hair fall issues. You can watch this video to check out how confident he really has become.

3. Mr.Shambhunath Jaiswal

Mr. Shambhunath Jaiswal is from Kandivli (east) and currently working with ONGC. He has shared his review about the Richfeel Hair Treatment that he underwent for Hair Transplant. Being short tempered in nature plus the workload and stress lead hair loss in his life. Richfeel with its treatment helped him to get back on his feet. A very satisfied patient of Richfeel with a head full of hair and hand full of confidence. He gave an essential feedback that the Doctors of Richfeel treat not only the hair but also the mind.

Things to know before opting for Richfeel’s treatment:

Richfeel trichologists Dr. Apoorva Shah and Dr. Sonal Shah have extensively worked in this domain of cosmetic hair restoration and have brought to the fore revolutionary hair restoration procedures that can be performed with the least possible downtime and discomfort for patients. They have closely worked with several international researchers and scientists to create innovative products and techniques that make hair restoration easy, painless and non-invasive. Let’s take a look at all the innovative techniques used by the Richfeel doctors to promote hair growth.

Richfeel’s Hair Transplant Review:

By Mr.Mukesh Pandey

Mr.Mukesh Pandey here gave us a very harsh review about his experience with Richfeel. He reached out to Richfeel for a hair transplant treatment as well as for hair fall. His hair fall stopped but after the hair transplant treatments, the hair growth showed no results. He even waited for the treatment to take effect but his patience was not rewarded. In this case, Richfeel failed to be effective.

Follicular Unit Hair (FUH) Transplant:

In this technique the healthy hair follicles from the portion of the scalp that has dense hair are extracted with the help of micro tip extractors and the same are implanted into the recipient site where there is scanty hair and needs hair transplant. The complete procedure is performed by highly skilled doctors using sophisticated tools like the micro extractors and is a very labour intensive procedure as every single unit needs to be carefully extracted and implanted without causing any damage to the follicle.

There is no scarring in this procedure, just small pits are made which eventually epithelise and heal up. Also, since there is no major surgery required, the complete procedure can be performed under the effect of local anaesthesia post which patients can get back to their normal life from the very next day.
Also, since this technique gives a permanent solution by way of grafting individual follicles, there is no limitation on the lifestyle too. Patients receiving the grafts can swim, engage in contact sports as well as get short haircuts without any worry of exposing scars or ruining the setting of the grafts. You can read Richfeel’s reviews for this procedure.

Richfeel Reviews for Hydro Therapy Treatment:

By Utpala Saha

Mrs.Utpala shah from Chembur is a professional Yoga Therapist and also a Musician. As it is widely said that hair fall is caused because of stress and tension. But in her case, it is very clearly visible that even after practising such relaxation techniques you can still have hair fall. Mrs.Utpala Saha says Richfeel’s Hair Hydro Therapy worked very well for her. Now she personally suggests Richfeel to her patients for hair fall.

Richfeel Reviews for Anagrow Hair Treatment :

1. By Dr Pooja Raj

Dr Pooja Raj is an ayurvedic health care provider who had problems of thinning of hair, Scalp dryness, dandruff, hair fall and split ends. Anagrow came to the rescue for Dr.Pooja when her Ayurveda products could not help her. According to Dr.Pooja not everybody’s body will respond the same for Ayurveda products. But with Richfeel it’s the vice versa if you follow the medicines and treatments as per the schedule. In this case, Richfeel proved to be more effective than Ayurveda.

2. By Mr.Calvin D’cruz

Calvin D’cruz is a CA by profession from Dombivli. He has lots of client meetings to attend but Pattern hair loss caused baldness in his head which affected his level of confidence causing heavy loss in his business. He visited many clinics with hopes but none helped. This is when Richfeel came into picture through a friend’s suggestion. His hair fall stopped but the sad part is his baldness couldn’t be healed fully. After many sessions and treatments still Richfeel proved effect less. Mr.D’cruz accepted his fate and has now moved on with his business but still regrets visiting all these clinics and wasting his money.

3. By Rekha Balani

Hair thinning and hair fall doesn’t even spare housewives. Mrs.Rekha Balani from lucknow is another victim of such hair problems. She directly got into touch with Dr.Apoorva shah who suggested her with an Anagrow treatment. She made it a point that apart from the treatment the jaborandi hair Oil and hair shampoos of Richfeel are very effective. And most importantly unless and until you don’t follow the diet and medicines suggested by them, the treatment won’t prove to be effective.

Its always helpful to learn about reviews from customers who experienced the services first hand.

Richfeel Anagrow Treatment:

The Richfeel trichologists went a step ahead in their quest for finding permanent solutions to hair loss problems and collaborated with international researchers to develop a revolutionary procedure called Anagrow.

What is Anagrow?

In this technique, the revitalising properties of Green Apple, Argan, Pea Plant and Nano-Lipobelle Coenzyme Q10 are harnessed to facilitate hair regrowth. The compound that was made from the mixture of these revitalizing elements is called PCT Rejuva Max.

The administration of this compound in a manner that it would penetrate into the human scalp was another challenge the certified trichologists at Richfeel had to overcome and that they did it with the help of Bio TecItalia. The result was a revolutionary machine called RF Anagain 10X.
This machine is used to administer the PCT Rejuva Max on the human scalp and facilitate its transdermal absorption. This machine also thoroughly detoxifies the scalp and removes the DHT which is known to be the main cause of hair fall.

Thus the revolutionary combination of PCT Rejuva Max and RF Anagain 10X, known as Richfeel Anagrow was developed owed to the efforts of the Richfeel trichologists.

This technology offers the first of its kind non-invasive hair restoration treatment and is based on plant stem cells.
Therefore, owed to the dedicated efforts of the Richfeel scientists, the world now has a revolutionary cure to the 5 most frustrating hair troubles namely: scanty hair, lack of hair growth, lack of hair volume, decreased density and hair fall.

Is Anagrow effective?

While the efforts of the Richfeel trichologists in developing hair restoration techniques is noteworthy, they must also be credited with developing the most innovative hair fiber that helps in masking bald patches in just two patches.
The Richfeel hair fibre is available in colours like black, dark brown, med brown and light brown and can be used to get the look of dense hair within minutes. This revolutionary product is absolutely safe for use and works best in masking bald patches. You just have to evenly sprinkle the fiber on the bald patches to get that look of dense hair.
Therefore, it can well be stated that at Richfeel, the certified trichologists have a cure for everything. When you consult them they not only give a patient ear to your hair troubles but also carefully analyse your hair structure and density before suggesting procedures that you should opt for. To further assist you in your decision, Digital Karma provides Reviews of Richfield by Verified Customers who underwent the hair treatment.

What to keep in mind before meeting a Trichologist

Now that you know about all the hair restoration techniques that you can opt for, here is a list of parameters that you need to judge yourself on before meeting a trichologist:
• How bad is your hair fall?
• Are you feeling low on confidence due to thinning hair?
• Is having voluminous hair detrimental to your personality and in turn your career?
• Do you have the means to afford such technologically superior procedures?
• Will you be able to devote some time to yourself to take proper care of your hair at least for a few days before and after the procedure?

How should you proceed?

After having analysed your own standing and urgency to undergo a hair restoration procedure, you must contact a renowned clinic like Richfeel to get the best possible solutions and advice. However, since you will be putting a lot of your time and money at stake, do ask your trichologist the following questions before going for any procedure:
• Can my condition be treated?
• Am I eligible for the treatment in terms of overall physical health?
• Which procedure is best suited for my case?
• Will I be under the influence of anaesthesia when the procedure is being performed?
• What will be the recovery time and time taken to see hair regrowth?
• What will be the overall cost of the procedure?
• Are there any options of financing?

And also check their hair treatment reviews on WordPress, Medium, Blogspot, NewsMedia247Live Journal and watch Richfeel Anagrow treatment video on youtube. When you are sure that you need to go for a hair restoration procedure that guarantees permanent results you must contact renowned trichologists and clinics like Richfeel to look into the various options available.

Let us know your experience with Richfeel in the comments below.

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  1. I am 42 years old. I was suffering from severe hair fall from last 4 years. I was a regular patient of Dr. Batra for 2 years but couldn’t foresee any results, and then my best friend Matunga recommended Richfeel’s hair transplant service. After this there was no looking back.

  2. I consulted Richfeel when I started noticing bald spots in the front part of my head. I went to the trichologist centre and the doctors were very professional and after careful examination they diagnosed my condition as alopesia. They immediately recommeded me the trichokit treatment and food supplements based on tests. After consistent treatment I started to get decent results as my bald spots wr getting covered and hair stopped falling. The results are really good better than what I expected and hair thickness has increased.

  3. The doctor’s at RichFeel really make you feel comfortable when you consult them. Treatments are prescribed based on thorough diagnosis. I am currently undergoing the trichokit treatment and the results have been satisfactory

  4. How terrible it was to see myself in the mirror and helplessly accept my thinning hair. Even some of the best home remedies failed to give back my hair. It was then that I came across Richfeel hair treatment technique and I wanted to try it. I asked a few friends and even they said that have read the Richfeel Reviews. This further encouraged me and I underwent Richfeel Anagrow. It’s amazing!! My hair is back to its thick and shiny self. Thank god Richfeel team is there!

  5. My hair fall was giving me nightmares. Since I am into showbiz business I cannot afford to look back and receding hairline makes me look awful! There were days when I would be afraid to comb my hair because hair would get entangled in the comb and break off. I had faced the worse hair problem in my life until I came across Richfeel hair treatment Reviews in this blog site. So I dug more into their website but was satisfied.

  6. I had faced the worse hair problem in my life until I came across Richfeel hair treatment Reviews in one blog site. So I dug more into their website but was satisfied. I tried this out and I am very happy that I did!

  7. Richfeel hair treatment technique is one the best option available in the market which give results in very short time its my personal experience. Thanks to Richfeel and their team help me to recover my hair loss problem.

  8. I faced the worse hair fall problem of my life in the last few months. I almost became a bald headed person. It was then that I came across Richfeel hair treatment Reviews online and it seemed like the much needed help. I went for the hair transplant. I can see some hair growth but not exactly how it was mentioned in the Richfeel hair transplant review. However, the bald patch doesn’t look that bad now and it seems to be a pretty okay improvement. Thanks Richfeel!

  9. I had tried a lot many home remedies and medicines from noted doctors, to control my hair fall problem but none worked. It was then that I came across the Richfeel Anagrow process of treatment mentioned in the Richfeel reviews. This attracted my attention and I gave it a try. The improvement is fine and I am thankful to Dr. Shah and his team for giving a second chance for my hairs. 

  10. My receding hairline gave me nightmares. I do not have the time and patience for home remedies but even tried some of them. Unfortunately even they did no work. Recently I came across Richfeel hair treatment clinic and wanted to try out follicular unit transplant. It was a minimally invasive process but I can see some hairs coming up. The improvement is quite good, just as you have said and thanks to Richfeel !!

  11. One of the best clinic present in my neighborhood where you can get treated to all your hair related problems. And by the way I have a cousin of my mine who had her Anagrow treatment from this location and I am not here to Praise about Richfeel but my cousin and I both of us got rid of our hair problems.

  12. I am facing hair fall problem from last 1 year, so I tried many medicines and therapies but didn’t get any result. One of my friends suggested me to use Richfeel hair treatment and the results are positive now, my hair fall problem has reduced to an extent now because of Richfeel. So Thanks to Richfeel Team…:)

  13. I took hair treatment service at Richfeel’s Bangalore Clinic. My initial perception about going to a clinic was that only old bald people go there and I thought being a 20 year old guy how can my problem be that serious? But I somehow gathered the courage and went there. The doctors there made me feel very comfortable. I gained some confidence and explained my problem. From then till now, there has been no looking back…….Trust me. If nothing else then go for a free consultation session. You’ll change the way you feel about yourself.

  14. I’m very much concerned about my health and always go to a specialist in case I’m sick or just for a consultation. But once I got hair baldness problem and was unaware where to go and whom to consult, cz I have never been through this dilemma. Living in the Digital era, I browsed all over the internet and came to know about Richfeel. They are good at what they do and know their job pretty well. Their staff is coordinate and polite. And they have upto the mark technology. You should definitely try it. It is worth every penny spent.

  15. Hello richfeel im surya im suffering from a severe hairfall nd i consulted many doctors and they suggested me finax , minoxidil continuously nd serum too . I got sick of using that regularly nd sick of doctors also nd im tooo far to the result. So im in some dilemma to consult richfeel , will u pls share ur opinion. Thank u

  16. My elder brother was suffering from a hair loss problem and really he was frustrated because of that problem. Then one of our cousin suggested us to visit at Richfeel. We immediately booked an appointment there and visited the clinic which is located in Mumbai and my brother is really satisfied from results he got. It is little bit expensive but totally worth it.

  17. In early 50’s my father was facing a serious hairfall problem. Then one of his friend suggested to give a try to richfeel. He instantly booked an appointment at nearest richfeel centre in mumbai. Must say he is really satisfied by the treatment. His problem of hairfall is really reducing day by day.

  18. I was facing serious hair falling problem. Then i came to know about richfeel and booked my appointment there. In my first meet only i waited for doctor to come for 1 hour. The doctors there are never on time and neither the staff there is supportive. They are really irresponsible in many ways.

  19. I am really frustrated that I select richfeel clinic for my hair treatment. My worst ever decision ever. It’s such a waste of time and money both.

  20. I have saw many advertisements of richfeel in television , newspapers, social media they promise a lot of things in advertisements. After watching their advertisements decided to have a treatment at richfeel for my hair thinning problem. I must say they do not provide me anything as they promise to everyone in their advertisements. Stay away If you are also thinking to have a treatment their by just watching advertisements

  21. I was suffering from bad hair fall. At times it was very embarrassing because my hair would just lie around the place I sit in the office. I tried changing my shampoo and oil but it not work. Finally I decided to take professional help to solve my problem. On meeting the trichologist at Richfeel, I underwent a thorough analysis of scalp and hair. The doctor suggested me to go for TST+ treatment as my hair needed nourishment and strength. I went for 12 sittings of treatment in about 3 months. I was also given some home care product to apply on hair. After the treatment I saw a lot if improvement in my hair. The hair fall had reduced and my hair became stronger and less prone to breakage.

  22. Need true Professional hair Treatment? Go to Richfeel-
    I am Dipti Deshmukh, an IT professional with a very stressful job. People often used to remember me as a girl with long and beautiful hair. However, due to my very busy daily schedule and lack of time for hair care I started having hair fall. I blamed my own neglect and felt very sad looking at my hairs condition. I am very conscious of my looks and so had to take an immediate action. I researched on internet and came across Richfeel with its offerings for hair fall problem. On my first meeting with the doctor I got a very good vibe and decided to go for treatment. The doctor explained to me how the treatment called TST+ works. This was the first impression I got about the professionalism of doctors at Richfeel. The doctor answered my entire technical question about this treatment and helped me to understand how it actually works. As per my expectation staff was very polite and professional. I felt very comfortable during the treatment session. I did see a lot of difference in the Quality of hair. I was happy as I was getting my beautiful hair back. Apart from the effective treatment, the professionalism of the doctor is something that I would remember. I would recommend Richfeel services for their professionalism.

  23. Clean and hygiene hair clinic –
    I started my hair treatment at Richfeel for hair fall since last week. I have been recommended a treatment for next 3 months. Being a very hygiene conscious person I feel I have made the right decision to come to this hair clinic. I noticed that the special combs used during the treatment were sterilized in front of me. The room where I was taken for the treatment was extremely clean and neat. The therapist was also taking almost care to handle all the things carefully and neatly. This kind of gives a satisfaction that I am at the right place to get professional hair treatment.

  24. Clean and modern hair clinic –
    I went to Richfeel just to get a routine check on my hair and some treatment to make them healthier. I have always had long and lustrous hair. But, as a result of some hormonal changes that I went through recently and may be due to stress, my hair had started looking dull. I needed some therapy to make them bouncy and healthy as before. I tried several different shampoos, even tried hair spas at some professional spas. However, I was not happy with the results. I then went to Richfeel after reading about their treatment “Facial for hair”. During consultation the doctor analysed the scalp and hair. I was recommended TST+, which is perfect treatment to be considered for regular care of your hair. I thought of it as a treatment that my hair was asking for. In each session the scalp was disinfected using combs, and I was given a special scalp massage for detoxification. What I noticed here, is the cleanliness and technique of the therapists. All the combs or tools used were sterilised. The therapists were very clean and neat themselves. The massage on scalp was performed very meticulously. Overall, I felt that the whole ambience was very clean. Also, they have some modern technologies being used for different therapies. I rate Richfeel as a no. 1 clinic that is very clean and hygienic.

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