Sandbox: An innovative childcare run by two women IITians

Sandbox daycare is the brainchild of Puja Das and Abhisha Shrivastava, the two IIT geniuses we mentioned. Puja completed her B. Tech from IIT Bombay and  went on to do her  MBA from ISB Hyderabad,  while Abhisha did her M. Tech. and B. Tech from IIT Bombay. They came up with the idea of opening a daycare centre that not only looks after your kids, but also helps them tremendously develop their unique skills and talents from a very early age. Partnering with Ahmedabads Eklavya School, which is ranked 13th in India for its curriculum design and team training, Sandbox is uniquely designed to help develop the skills of your kids in all aspects, including their physical, cognitive, language, socio-emotional and creative skills.

Furthermore, an increasing number of women are joining the workforce each day. However, there comes a halt in their careers when they become mothers. Due to the typical nuclear family set-up in urban India, there is no support structure for a mother and for proper childcare at home. Owing to this, mothers either compromise  on their bright careers or try to avail facilities like nannies and daycares for their children. This makes the child lose out immensely, as its in the first five years when a child’s brain develops up to 90% of its adult size. So while these regular daycare facilities might “take care” of your children, development of the child, however, is not on their agenda!

That’s where  Sandbox comes in – it  takes care of  children in a homely and stimulating environment while the mother  can focus completely on climbing up her career ladder. The other winning point that youre gonna love about them  is that, with the adult to child ratio that they maintain, they guarantee personalised attention to each child, and ensure that that the kids are never left without supervision. Their highly trained and motherly staff works with a lot of attention to detail to the  child’s needs, and the facility itself has been designed carefully in a completely child-friendly manner.

As caregivers, team Sandbox wants to utilise the brief interaction that they have with these kids of busy parents to aid in the child’s full potential development, and provide the right nurturance in a home away from home!

Sandbox is all set to launch on 26 June 2016.  Do visit them with your little ones!

Address:  Shop 1, Next to CCD,  Paradise Building,  Raheja Vihar, Chandivali, Andheri East.
Phone:  +91-9833171510/+91-9820685186

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