Say Hello To Next-Gen Smart Homes With SharpNode

Every time you watch a Hollywood Sci-Fi action flick, you are served a tantalising amount of geek-i-licious, technologically advanced gadgets, including smart cars, robot butlers, super-advanced suits, and whatnot! And among those, I’m sure you’ve also seen the super popular geek fantasy of smart homes, where lights switch on and off when you leave the room, garage doors open up by themselves when you’re backing your car out, and the music switches on when you’re home with your lady friend!

Well, things like those aren’t a fantasy any longer, as we already have smart home solutions which provide us with all of the previously mentioned features, and more, but the problem is, people like us don’t have the ability to afford these super-expensive gizmos. To solve this, Mohit Agnihotri, Aditya Pratap Singh, and Mukesh Singh, three students from Jabalpur Engineering College have come up with SharpNode, a home automation system that is not only useful beyond compare, but is so cheap, you won’t believe it!

During the 2nd year of Engineering college, their electricity bill was going through the roof because of their roommates, who constantly left the switches of fans and ACs on, even when leaving the room. This led to the development of SharpNode, with the name being inspired from the sharpness of the gadget, and its ability to connect every node(electric appliances) of your home.

Completely safe and secure, SharpNode makes sure that neither the product it connects to, nor your home/office is affected by the hazards of electricity. Furthermore, your Wi-Fi password is the first security firewall which protects access to your devices. And in case you have a guest over, who’s using the Wi-Fi, you can still “lock” your device so even if any other phones are connected to your home Wi-Fi network, they still won’t be able to access your devices.

Priced at just Rs 6000, SharpNode provides connectivity to your appliances from anywhere in the world while saving electricity, securing your home when you’re out, scheduling appliances as per your wish, and also sending notifications for occurring events such as in the event of a robbery. It also comes with four inbuilt 3-pin sockets and mobile charger ports/USB ports, optimises energy consuming appliances and devices, and prevents battery overcharging by automatically disconnecting the charger when your mobile or laptop reaches up to 95 per cent.

Also worth mentioning is that soon, they plan on covering every sector in the field of Home Automation, from IP cameras and the curtains of your home, to your garage gate and door look. And the best part about all this? It doesn’t compromise on quality even at such a low price! So without waiting any longer, go check out their Facebook page and Website.

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