Coolest start-ups by St. Xavier’s alumni

The moment we hear the word ‘startups’, the mind conjures up images of some Dexter-kind-of-a-chap from either IIT or IIM, trying to build a billion-dollar company. What often goes unnoticed is the fact that a large number college grads (and goers), too, are trying to make a mark for themselves in this area. And Mumbai’s own St. Xavier’s College is no laggard in this department.

What follows is a list of some immensely cool ideas by students and alumni of St. Xaviers College, Mumbai, which have seen fruition to become successful startups. Read on.


Relive your love for the outdoors with this endeavour by four Xavierites, Jinks, Nihar, Elton and Shanon, who transformed their passion for travel with Vagabond. Hosting a number of travel-based events, like Fields of Sound (that combines camping at exotic locations with musical performances), backpacking trips to places like Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj and Into the Wild (their signature trekking tour), among others, Vagabond is a life-saver for the penny-wise traveller.


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Bombay Trooper

A brainchild of ex-Xavierite Jugal Mistry, Bombay Troopers speaks the mind of the urban youth with its quirky designer tees, hoodies, bags and more. Known for their Bohemian designs, Bombay Trooper is your go-to-guru for funky clothing. Be it the Hold-the-Door tees or hoodies with a tinge of Bollywood tadka, you will never be disappointed.


My Mithaiwala

I have had too many sweets, said no Indian ever! How often have we craved for sweets after dinner only to be disappointed by Mas have milk and sleep solution! Well, not any more. Started by a group of ex-Xavierites, Siddhant Sarpate, Deepak Dutt, Om Pathre, Naresh Pingale and Ajinkya Shinde, My Mithaiwala is the answer to all your sweet tooth woes. A website dedicated to all sweets-loving people of Mumbai, My Mithaiwala lets you select your favourite delight with just a click and it is delivered right at your doorstep, within a few hours.


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Chalta Hai Comedy

A name that is turning heads in the comedy networks of Mumbai, Chalta Hai Comedy requires no introduction. From Barking Deer to blueFrog, Canvas Laugh Club to The Hive, ex-Xavierite Punit Pania’s ‘comedy NGO’, as he likes to call it, is making our stomachs ache with their absolutely inappropriate jokes! A marketing professional by the day and a struggling writer at night, Punit decided to come out of the closet as a comedian to deal with his mid-life crisis! And Mumbaikars couldn’t be happier!


FestaVesta is a ticketing, analytics, event hosting and publicity startup for college festivals and emerging artists. Three close friends Divyansh, Ayushmaan and Laukik from St. Xavier’s College came together to make FestaVesta a reality in 2015. They successfully covered college fests in St. Xaviers College, Sydenham College, Hans Raj College, Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, among others. In fact, FestaVesta has also formed alliances with OYO Rooms, Jabong, Ferns N Petals,



If you still can’t decide between the likes of Amazon, Myntra, Jabong and Koovs, Explorate is a godsend for you. Not only does it house the best of all sites on a single platform, but it also addresses the age-old complaint of women: “Nothing is worth buying”. St. Xavier’s alumni KG Abhishek and Chantelle Menezes founded the company, along with batchmate Hrushikesh Mande. Although less than a year old, they are already seeing some serious traction in a space where competition is intense.




What Starbucks is to America, Coffitude aims to be for India! With such colourful dreams Sanna Jummal, an ex-Xavierite with a dual degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry, began Coffitude, which stands for the simple idea of health in a cup. The plan is to serve not just quality coffee, but also coffee that is healthier than the regular cuppa you get at other places. This one-of-a-kind mobile health caf is definitely your pick if you are a coffee addict.



If you think finding accommodation in Mumbai is a cakewalk (inspired by the ‘Wake Up Sid’ standard of living), you are mistaken. There are no Konkona Sen Sharmas who will let you in, and it is almost impossible to find a flat at reasonable rates (let alone find decent flatmates). Keeping such trials and tribulations in mind, Xavierite Anoovrat Singh came up with this unique idea of NotJustCollege, which lets you find affordable space and friendly flatmates.




Tripoto needs no introduction. A travel-based online forum based on user-generated content, rather than mere reviews, it aims to solve travel problems with all kinds of information from other travellers. The roots of Tripoto can be traced back to St. Xaviers College, Mumbai since it is the alma mater of co-founder Michael Pargal Lyngdoh!



Move over Netflix, for it’s time to chill with Reelmonk. This movie download app is a godsend for Malayali movie lovers and, believe it or not, perfectly legal. Started by Vivek Varghese Paul, Ashik Thomas, Shijin Bose Kavara and Jibnu Jacob, all serious movie buffs, Reelmonk has a huge database of latest Malyalam movies. It’s easy to access and much easier to enjoy.


Someone has rightly said that startups are the new guitar that every college student wants! The group of Xavierites we just talked about has mastered their jamming sessions, too. Time to give their services a try, we say. Till then, ‘Keep flying’. (Xavierites know what we mean!)

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The main image for this article was sourced from Wikimedia. Image by Someone200/CC BY-SA 3.2

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