Never Lose Anything Ever Again With Tag8: Make Things Smarter

Practically everyone loses something or the other at some point in time. The probability of losing a valuable is highest when traveling. tag8 was launched in January 2015 to create a Global comprehensive lost and found service ecosystem, with the objective of significantly increasing the percentage of lost valuables returned to their rightful owner. Tag8 combines the strength of security tags, mobile application, digital map, rewards, people, partnerships and global logistics to ensure millions of valuables lost are returned. Tag8 has produced over 0.5 million security tags securing corporate as well as individual valuables ranging from mobile phone, laptop, camera, passport, luggage, bag, key, legal document and even pets.

How It Works

The owner needs to simply affix the tags on the valuable and register them at In case the valuable is ever lost and is found by someone, tag8 arranges the pick up from the doorstep of the finder, anywhere in the world and returns it to the owner. The tag8 Reward Program offers certification, gift hamper and its own products as a reward to the finder. In addition, the owner can also reward the finder through the tag8 platform.

The probability of return significantly increases with the mitigation of the current key finder challenges through the ease of identification of the owner, convenience of return and the reward program.

The experience so far

Key Statistics

  • Tag8 has produced over 0.5 mn tags so far. If joined together, it will cover half the length of Mumbai
  • Tag8’s customers are based in 60+ cities around the world
  • 95% Return Rate for Keys and Pets; 40-60% Return rate for gadgets
  • Over 40 different types of valuables are tagged. The most unusual request being tagging cattle stock in a farm
  • Passport recovered in Australia is the furthest away from India that tag8 has recovered a passport
  • 90% of the valuables were reported found within 4 hours of loss
  • 75% of people who returned are from middle or lower middle class of the society

Top 10 Brands Customers Are Securing

  • Apple
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Samsonite
  • MI
  • Titan
  • Wilson
  • Dell
  • Nikon


  • Global Logistics Blue Dart, DHL, FedEx
  • Retail Shoppers Stop, Amazon

Select Corporate Credentials

  • ICICI Lombard
  • Eternity Lifestyle (owner of OPIUM eyewear)
  • Omniactive (Marico group company)
  • CarDekho
  • EY Brand Store
  • Radius Developers

Social Impact

The general perception in India is that things once lost do not get returned. However, in reality, it’s more the lack of awareness and infrastructure that is hindering the return. The lost & found centers in India are overflowing with collected valuables that arent being claimed. Readers Digest in a recent study on integrity rated Mumbai as the second most honest city in the world, given the number of wallets that were returned.

We believe that our venture will play a pivotal role in changing the perception of India and also contribute significantly in strengthens the social fabric of the nation by promoting trust in the society and building community morale. This also dovetails well with the Honorable Prime Ministers smart cities initiative.


Tag8 was founded by Sanjay Chakrabarti, ex-Senior Partner (41 years) and Alok Sheth, ex-Director (37 years) of Ernst & Young in 2014. The founders have extensive experience in Management consulting and Business development. Founders have deep experience in advising companies in the area of business strategy, business transformation, supply chain transformation, operations improvement, and program management. They have advised business leaders from Industrial, Consumer, Renewable and Airline industries. They have experience of 35+ years between them.

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