Tappu Ki Dukaan

Now that we have your attention with this awesomePotty Putter-a miniature sit-down golf set -it’s time wespilled the beans on this amazing store, whichhas an array of goodies upping the fun quotient.NearFox brings you all the dope you need on this one helluva store.

Who is Tappu?

Tappu is Sneha and Sneha is Tappu. Quite literally. Growing up, Mumbai-basedSneha Raisonis brothers couldnt seem to pronounce her name and renamed her Tappu. While Tappu lived the hotshot life of a CA, she always felt likedoing something in the sphere of fun gifting.

Thus, when Tappu quit her job to pursue her real calling, the next step was to find a name that was as quirky as the products. Afriend suggested Tappu, andTappu Ki Dukaan was born inDecember that year.

Why Buy Tappu?

Tappu Ki Dukaan houses multiple brands under one roof, including the likes ofHappily Unmarried,which shehas partnered since the start. Since then, the number of brands under her roof have increased and so has the number ofhappy customers. When we entered the Fortstore, we immediately realised that they didnt have anything we need, but definitely allwe wanted! There were funky accessories, trendy tees and hoodies, fun bar tools, quirky home decor and so much else thatwe were spoiltfor choice.

Apart from the immenselypopularPotty Putter, the Toilet Slam Dunk(a sit-down basketball game) is a real clincher. Even the most prim and proper will agree that there is no place like the humble toilet to kick back and unwind. All it needed was the eye of a hawk to spot this vacuum, and Tappu has done that amazingly well.

For those who want to check out their offerings for other rooms, theirkeyring holders, eclectic candle stands, fun cushion covers, vases and plant-holders are to diefor.

Stationery freaks, there’s something for you too. Decorate your desk with posters, bobble heads, bulls-eye pen stands, card holders, owl-staplers, lego tape dispensers and more. Since we love downing a few drinks, we’ve our eyes firmly set on their bar accessories:wine racks, shaped ice moulds, hip flasks, shot glasses, cocktail glasses, an what haveyou.

If you thought that was it, Tappu Ki Dukaan has items we’ve never seen before. (And since we have a lot of time on hands, trust us when we say we’ve seen lots!)Fruit-shaped flip flops, denim and batman mugs, phone covers with fun-liners, laptop covers with bright colours, playing cards, elephant shaped pillowsandpassport covers- you won’t know how to stop.

To cater to a wider audience, Tappu Ki Dukaan has gone online! The store is already making waves over the internet with their range of products. Thefact that they deliver across India with cash on delivery options gets a big thumbs-up from us.

Check them out athttp://www.tappukidukaan.com/

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