Peep into your future through tarot cards with Shambhavi

Wouldn’t it be great if we could delve into our future? Now there are ways for doing that. You simply get into meditation and master the art of foreseeing things, you get an appointment fixed with your astrologer or you take up a tarot card reading session. If the last option is what you are considering, you are likely to thank the NearFox team as we introduce you to the lady who has been the guiding angel to many.

Some people are blessed with intuitive skills and one of them is Shambhavi Chhugani, a professional tarot card reader based out of Powai. Tarot card reading is an ancient practice of predicting future and the truth about your past that are hidden deep inside. Thinking of ‘tarot card reader’ will take your imagination to a candlelit room, a woman in flowing robes sitting across a table and telling you the fortune. But this isn’t the truth is what we discover as we speak to Shambhavi.

Shambhavi pursued her Hotel Management and MBA degree in Marketing and HR, but destiny had a different plan written for her. Interpreting tarot cards was her hobby and then her passion but later with the deep study and knowledge she chose to wear it as her profession. She has been interpreting tarot cards since 2001 and received many positive testimonials. She has been an in-house tarot card reader with some of well-known hotels – JW Marriott, Renaissance, Oakwood and Out of the Blue. Many successful workshops in Mumbai and Pune are to her credit.

Apart from tarot cards, she has mastered many other skills, like aura cleaning, space cleaning, doodles, space therapy, vastu consultation, meditation, calligraphy, dowsing and chakra cleaning.

Here is the excerpt from the interview with Shambhavi:

NearFox: We would like to know about your love for tarot cards.
Shambhavi: My journey with tarot cards began 14 years back. At the initial stage I learnt interpreting the cards as a hobby. I never realized when it turned out to be my passion and now after gaining complete knowledge of it I accepted it as my profession.

The love I possess for tarot cards has no limits. The feeling is incredible when, with my guidance I am able to guide people in their life and spread a smile on their faces. It always acts as a source of inspiration for me.

NearFox: When did you discover your ability to read tarot cards?
Shambhavi: I discovered my ability in 2002, when I learnt interpreting it. But it was in mid 2002 when people reverted back to me saying my interpretation was true. Since then there was no looking back.

NearFox: Taking something from a hobby to a profession is not that easy. What inspired you to become a professional tarot card reader?
Shambhavi: I was always a person who was inclined to spirituality and the mystic world. I was introduced to tarots with its story and it fueled my eagerness to dig deep into it. The stage I am in right now didn’t happen overnight, these are the fruits of my efforts on study and research. I believe the biggest inspiration is when your passion gets converted into profession.

NearFox: It definitely does not look like a child’s play. What are the difficulties you generally face as a tarot card reader?
Shambhavi: Due to lack of knowledge few people consider tarot card reading as a miracle and expects their challenges to be sorted, which isn’t true.

NearFox: Do you restrict yourself only to Powai and certain type of clientle? What is the clientle you choose to serve?
Shambhavi: Since I am Powai based I am more dedicated here. However, I don’t like to limit myself or anyone who wants to reach to me. I am available all over Mumbai and Pune through workshops, sessions and events. I also have base of clientle who resides out of India. I connect with them online through mails or video calls. Whoever would like to reach out to me for any problems or consultation be it businessmen, working professionals, doctors, artists, celebrities, housewives, students etc, are welcome.

NearFox: Is there any specific age group you provide service to?
Shambhavi: There is no age limit as such. Usually people who are mature enough to understand life come to me for consultation.

NearFox: Is it necessary to have a natural boon to become a tarot card reader or any one interested in tarot card can learn the skill?
Shambhavi: Tarot Card readers are intuitively blessed, it depends on us how and at what level we choose to nurture our skills. But anyone interested can acquire the skill by gaining knowledge and regular practice.

NearFox: What makes you different from the other professional tarot card readers?
Shambhavi: I think the best way to know is personally experience it by having a session with me 🙂

NearFox: Your tarot card reading has surely helped your clients. But how has it helped you personally?
Shambhavi: I am interpreting tarot cards over a decade, it gives me a deeper insight of life. The experience helps me immediately relate with anyone sitting across me.

NearFox: Many people are interested in knowing their fortune, but are afraid of. What would you suggest these people?
Shambhavi: What is destined is bound to happen, we can’t change it. But reading tarot can act as a warning, just in case a storm is ahead in your life you can’t avoid it but at some level it may reduce your intensity as you know what lies ahead.

For any consultation or workshop, you can reach Shambhavi on:

Phone: +91-9890249456
E-Mail Id: [email protected]
Blog: TarotForU
Facebook: TarotForU

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