Go Geronimo with T.A.R {who} D.I.S: Mumbai’s quirkiest book club

Nerdy is the new sexy? For all the bespectacled ones who love to lose themselves in the fantastical world of papered happiness, this community of bibliophiles in the city is the place to be. Find out why.

In 2013, the trio of Angelique, Sanaya and Girish mutually accorded to realise their love for Dr Who, the iconic time traveller on television who revolutionised Sci-Fi with his ship called TARDIS that takes him back and forth in time. Hence, the name T.A.R {who} D.I.S. (If you are still unclear, you might as well google him!)

Once a member, you choose a book for the month and everyone reads it which is followed by extensive discussions (and a bunch of cool themed games) at the month ending session of the club. Incredible isnt it? The best part is you never have to be worried about losing out as the discussions also flood their Facebook page that can be accessed any time.

To spice things up even more, the founders came up with the idea of the Interesting Meet wherein during the respective birth months of Angelique, Sanaya and Girish, they would pick a theme and all members are expected to read a book from that same genre. And the themes they are! Apocalypse, idiot box, Sci-Fi, the list only gets more creative.

Among the several events hosted by the club, the Big Fat Reading Challenge is one that is truly amazeballs! Running throughout the year, at the event you are presented with an exhaustive list of book genres and every participant reads at least a book each for all categories. Nerd alert!

Other interesting activities at the club also include weekly poetry discussions called Poem a Week, creative writing sessions known as Writers Block, among others. You want more perks? Be a member and have 24/7 access to their virtual library on Google Drive where people may (or may not) share their work anonymously.

The icing on the pumpkin pie (you know why) is that the popularity of T.A.R {who} D.I.S is as such that Dr Who (Sylvester McCoy) himself recommended a book for them! No kidding. Other well-known writers like Karishma Attari, Anuja Chauhan, among others are also quite a fan. Don’t go by their name. This club not only covers Sci-Fi but a variety of other genres too!

Sounds like your cup of tea (or maybe butterbeer)? Then wait no longer and join the crew through their Facebook page.

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