‘The Bassic’ Instinct: This Mumbai-based band of 4 girls is shaking up the stereotype

Indie scenes, music bands, performing to hoots and shouts of encore. Sounds like a dream? Unrealistic? And what if we tell you that four girls, all between 15 and 23, have achieved it?

Meet Alezzandra (18), Sianna (16), Brunelle (15) and Aarifah (23), members of The Bassic, a band that is turning heads on the Indie music scene. A year ago, Alezzandra, Sianna and Bru were just a bunch of school friends who played music to meet. Soon enough, they realised their love for it, decided to take the plunge and start an actual-f****g-band. That was April 2015.

With Al as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Sia as lead guitarist and keymaster and Bru as the bassist, they still needed a drummer. Enter Aarifah, 23-year-old singer-songwriter-drummer who completed their band in October 2015 (got a little cheesy there!) and there has been no stopping them.

The band has performed live at various venues, covering favourites like Do I Wanna Know by the Arctic Monkeys, Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt and played originals like Tantrums. At just over a year old, they are open to genres and styles, and looking to write more, play more and entertain more.

But in a society that is harshly patriarchal, was this easy? People underestimate us. They think we are just four girls with instruments. But no one went up on stage saying they are an all-boy band, they say, with the infectious confidence of the below-20 brigade. But the before and after reactions of the audience prove that the stereotype will break, in time and the gender boundaries will vanish.

Put that with the other things they manage: Alezzandra works for kids’ fitness, Aarifah works at Theatre 74, Sianna has just finished her 11th grade (yes, you read that right) and Brunelle lends a hand at her fathers fitness company. What you get is a group that is as hardworking as theyre talented and passionate about music. Next, theyre opening the house gig for Sooraj Bishnoi (of The Sooraj Trio) on 21 May 2016.

Watch out for them. And remember, we said it first: Theyre awesome!

Check out their SoundCloud for regular updates and new releases.

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