These Super-Cool Startups By TSEC Alumni Are Shaking Up The Startup Scene in Every Way Possible

Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (popularly known as TSEC) in Mumbai is well known for its cool and innovative fests from Triffles and i-Tantra to Lakshya and Newton. What we often fail to acknowledge is the exhaustive list of uber-cool startup ventures by the TSEC alumni which are make life faster, cooler and easier. Keep reading to know more!

The Souled Store, Rohin Samtaney

TSEC alumni Rohin Samtaney along with for other engineer friends vowed to not take up a 9 to 5 job and do something cool instead. The result was The Souled Store. For the ones who have a thing for quirky merchandise, The Souled Store became the ultimate shopping destination for everything from tees to posters, notebooks to phone covers! With a basic idea of being make others happy by being happy, The Souled Store was born and we are surely not complaining!


Indian Hippy & Bollywood Movie Posters, Hinesh Jethwani

This TSEC alumni realised his love for Bollywood with his two innovative and quirky startups: Indian Hippy and Bollywood Movie Posters. Hinesh Jethwani revived the vintage art of hand painted Bollywood movie posters by bringing together the last few remaining poster painters to create innovative products and services through Indian Hippy. While Bollywood Movie Posters is an effort to catalog, preserve and sell some of the last few surviving original vintage Bollywood movie posters.


Indian Hippy:

Bollywood Movie Posters:

GoGetGuru, Suraj Wadhwani & Mayank Thanvi

An alumni of TSEC, Suraj Wadhni with friend, Mayank Thanvi decided to make education more easily available to people in the digital age. With this purpose in mind, he developed GoGetGuru, an online teaching service. Learn the basics of marketing from rates starting from as low as Rs 550! The other courses range from technical ones like Android development to honing your hobbies like photography, sketching, among others. For all the Paris loving Monsieurs, French courses are also available!


BlackCurrant, Jay Mehta

Jay Mehta, a former student of TSEC co-founded BlackCurrant, the ultimate app solution for businesses. The basic idea is to fulfill communication needs through websites and innovative media. With a user friendly interface, the apps settings allow you to adjust it as per your requirements. Easy peasy!


Rivir, Ankeeta Deb

Trying to understand the language of shoes, Thadomal Shahani Engineering Colleges Ankeeta Deb founded Rivir. Her idea was to design shoes that bespeak life and its various shades. Ankeetas shoes are more than just style statements, they reflect her perspective on life. So move over custom-made cakes and get your loved ones a pair of personalised Rivir this season!


Fresco Retail, Karan Gaba

Karan Gaba, a former TSEC student once accompanied his mother to the vegetable market. The poor quality of fruits and veggies that were being sold there inspired him to come up with a fresh idea. He wanted to enhance the standard of organic products to increase their health quotient. Thus Fresco Retail was born that provides customers with chemical free vegetables and fruits produced using ozone technology.


Instadev, Devansh Lala

A former student of Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Devansh Lala aims to bring digital education to students as well as teachers. In tandem with the current digital revolution, his company seamlessly integrates technology to give a new face to the concept of digital education in India.


PlanMy.Travel, Aashish Gupta

Helping you to plan your trip with ninja like precision, TSEC alumni Aashish Gupta founded PlanMy.Travel. All you need to do is book your tickets and the rest of the trip about where to go and what to do will be laid out by the ninjas (travel planners) of his company. You can get a personalized itinerary for trips ranging from three days to about 12 days.


Anytechsol, Inder Wadhwa

Ensuring that you are knowledgeably au fait about the latest technical developments is the log created by Inder Wadhwa, a former student of Thadomal Shahani Engineering College. The blog, apart from providing you with news about new launches, provides tutorials related to how to update your operating system. Moreover for all the Apple loyalists, this blog is almost like your notification panel.


Artbugs, Samir Dahotre

Aiming to become the passage to Indias motley of contemporary and modern art home dcor, Artbugs started by Samir Dahotre whose alma mater is TSEC. The site holds a collection of different artwork by talented artists from every nook and corner of the country. At the site, there are also blogs maintained by art experts that aim to provide the Indian artistic interior decor lovers a basic idea about how to gauze the quality of the piece. People staying overseas can also have access to these Indian pieces as the Artbugs ships worldwide.


Creatyst, Saurabh Kabra

For all the passionate and creative people in India, Saurabh Kabra, a former student of TSEC has come up with Creatyst. It aims to provide a platform to all who like to live their lives through their passions, be it fashion, music, coding or cooking. Pursue what you love and exhibit it to the world through Creatyst!


MindBox Films, Bhavesh Purohit

Enabling you to give wings to your creative film making, Mindbox Films is founded by Bhavesh Purohit, a former student of TSEC. The basic idea of MindBox Films is to create categories for different type of movies. They are up for doing anything related to videos, be it creating internet virals, corporate videos or even wedding videos.


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