Vagabond Mumbai: Making perfect outing a reality

Enjoy the sound of music under a starry sky while a lake gurgles just an earshot away and the distant chirping of birds fills the momentary silence. Sounds breathtakingly dreamy? Four Xavierites embarked on a journey to make this dream of a perfect outing come true and thus Vagabond was born. The idea is to let people experience the outdoors in its true glory by the means of camping and trekking amid the forests and hills, complemented by, wait-for-it, music! What else can a wanderer ask for?

Fresh graduates with nothing to do (and being called good-for-nothing), two best friends, Jinx and Nihar decided to actualise their love for music and passion for travel into something fantastically real! We began with heritage walks in South Mumbai but our desire to venture into the outdoors in its true sense kept bugging us.

With Shannon and Elton joining the team, things moved at a faster pace and eventually came Fields of Sound, their signature event. The idea is to take people to captivating camping locations that are unheard of, explains Jinx. Camp overnight at exotic locations combined with adventure sports like kayaking, raft building and more followed by a live gig during winters.

The team manages everything from stage and sound to dcor and food. And the experience is beyond comprehension. Within a span of just one and a half years they have already been able to develop a network of loyalists (mostly college goers and young adults not older than 28 years) who firmly believe in the philosophy of bag-pack-and-go! To add a personal touch to the events, the size of the group is kept small (within 50-60 people). We want everyone to interact with like-minded people, Jinx clarifies.

What more you ask? All this come for a price so so so cheap that you wouldnt believe its real! Vagabond is committed to sweep travellers like you and me off our feet and hence every trip package is offered at base costs. To be a part of this one-of-a-kind event you pay just Rs 3000 which includes all costs (lodging, food, transportation and adventure sports). Amazeballs much? Well then you should hear this: They also offer flat Rs 500 off for all students with ID cards!

So this winter, you know who your go-to guru for travel is. And of course, dont forget your cameras!

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