Workplax: A Co-working Space So Cool You’ll Wish You Worked Here

You’re supposed to meet a potential client for a huge pitch. Or you’ve got a brainwave that,  you feel,  could be the next big thing. So you  book a table at a posh restaurant only to find it doesn’t have  Wi-Fi, and the insane amount of chatter makes it impossible to have a decent conversation. Ever been in a situation like this before? Well, fret not, for  Workplax  has  your back!

Enter Workplax

Founded by Akhil Garg, an  IIT Bombay pass-out, Workplax aims to  revolutionise the idea of  affordable coworking spaces. It is currently operational in  and around Mumbai. To put it  simply, whenever you need a place for a  meeting, a nice cup of morning coffee or just somewhere peaceful enough to relax and work,  Workplax has all the answers.

How does it Work?

Mumbai has a  lot of under-utilised spaces that  can be used way more efficiently, and monetised further. Since a running kitchen is not essential for these purposes, Workplax focuses on using ‘dine-only’ places like restaurants, pubs and lounges as co-working spaces,  during their off hours.

Since the rates are pretty affordable, it gives the customer a cheaper option in a good location while the revenue is shared between the location owner and Workplax. This creates a win-win, or rather, a win-win-win situation, as  the restaurant owner is paid in free cash to relieve the ground-level retail pressure. This makes it easy for them to take a lot more risk  with food or beverages, or any other concept for their location, while making some money off of it.

What’s in it for  You?

Workplax currently operates out of a restaurant in Bandra, which has a capacity of about 50 people, and another in Versova, which has space for about 50 people. They also provide high-speed Wi-Fi, options for tea, coffee  and  other refreshments, as well as printing facilities at the Versova outlet. The housekeeping staff takes care of maintenance.  Both the restaurants are extremely spacious, with both indoor and outdoor premises, so that entrepreneurs can feel comfortable.

The owners also  stay available at the restaurants for supervision, so you might even talk to them about your dinner reservations with your girlfriend at the same time, once the meeting’s over!

In the Pipeline

India is second only to the US  when it comes to the number of freelance professionals  with the number  estimated at  15 million. In addition,  about 1.5 million professionals graduate every year in India,  making it a key market for co-working spaces. Workplax is currently in talks  with other restaurants in various locations across Mumbai to scale up and expand on this brilliant enterprise.

Check out their website here  and their  Facebook page here.

Phone:  +91-9833097298

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