Yazoo Park

It may be located in the outskirts of Mumbai, but Yazoo Park in Virar is a bonafide wonderland whose fame is rising by the day. A 12-acre amusement park, replete with jaw-dropping rides, Yazoo amusement park in Virar is a boon for those who want to get out of the city but find places like Imagica and Essel World expensive. So what makes Yazoo Park tick?

Address and Timings

Yazoo Park, Global-City, Near Viva College, Virar

The park is open between 10:00 AM  and 10:00 PM  all 7 days.

Yazoo Park Entry Fees

Yazoo Parks ticket rates are as follows: Entry Rs. 35; Entry + unlimited rides Rs. 500; Family Package Rs. 1, 199; and membership Rs. 2, 999.

Yazoo Park Rides

An amusement park without rides is like an ocean without water, and Yazoo Park rides off into the sunset when it comes to this. Here are our picks of the lot.

For kids


Guaranteed: A smile on your face as you see toddlers revolving gleefully on the classic merry-go- round at Yazoo, which has a classic-horses-and-ponies design.

Dragon train

Didnt we all love riding the dragon in our childhood? Here you get the added perk of seeing the train being swallowed by an Anaconda tunnel. Yeah, we know!

Machine-operated animals

Easily the best ride for kids, the park has a whole range of machine-operated animals available for kids to ride. Seeing a toddler ride an artificial zebra with Salman-like swag is definitely funnier than most stand-up acts dont you agree?

Bumping boat

A shallow pool filled with battery-operated boats that are guaranteed to bring out the sailor in the little one! Arguably the most photographed section of the Park.

For adults

Disco coaster

While the word roller-coaster evokes the image of a long, caterpillar-shaped machine zipping along on a set of tracks, things are a little different here. Because the coaster is in the shape of, get this, a saucer. Talk about teaing off into the sunset!


Ziplining across the hills maybe a regular thing for James Bond but for us mere mortals, such things are as rare as finding a Jain restaurant in Ibiza. So when you visit Yazoo Park, Virar, dont forget to try the 250-ft-long Zipline that gives an aerial view of the entire park.

Rifle shooting

A hidden gem inside Yazoo amusement park, the shooting gallery has a range of distances set in order to test the focus of the competitors. So if you have the eye of the tiger, heres where you should be!


While Free Fall may have become a common addition to most amusement parks, the one aspect that sets apart Yazoos is its 90-ft drop. Yeah, you heard that right. People with vertigo should stay away. Like real far!

Rock climbing (40 ft)

If youre dying to replicate Tom Cruises legendary rock climbing sequence in Mission Impossible, Yazoo Park in Virar is the place to be where a 40-foot-high, obstacle-laden surface awaits you!

Rodeo Bull

With three different stages of speed, you will be clinging onto your dear life while taking this bull by its horns. But its also the most fun you will have here! After all who doesnt like playing cowboy!
In addition to the above, the park also has the amusement park staples in the form of an eighteen-spoked Ferris Wheel, Dashing Cars, Zorbing, Vertical Swing Chair, Mini airplane and Inflatable Castle.

Food courts

After a long day filled with adrenaline-rushes, having good food is a must. And, for gastronomic delights, The Park has three primary food courts:

Yazoo Food Junction: With finger-licking delicacies from KailashParbat, the nearly 1500-square-foot Yazoo Food Junction has a great number of admirers.


Yazoo Food Plaza: If food for you means all things green, Yazoo Food Plaza is the one for you! With its pure veg menu comprising South Indian and Chinese dishes, the Yazoo Food Plaza serves over 3000 people at any given time. Located right beside the amphitheatre.

Yazoo floating restaurant: Imagine having scrumptious food while being surrounded by water on all sides. No you dont have to go to Udaipur the floating restaurant at Yazoo offers you the same feeling at much cheaper rates. The restaurant serves both Indian and Chinese delicacies.

Some images for this article have been sourced from  Wikipedia.

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