Yolo Health ATMs

No leave, no long waiting list of appointments, no waiting an eternity for test results to be delivered. With this extraordinary creation by three IITians all you need to do is walk into this one of a kind health ATM and get yourself thoroughly tested, have a video chat with a doctor and get results too! All this at one go, within just few minutes!

The brainchild of three IITians, Dhilly Babu, Shreyans Gandhi and Arpit Mishra, the YOLO Health ATMS were conceptualised from the urban health point of view. Tackling lifestyle related health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc that are behavioural in nature has become the need of the hour, says Dhilly. These problems require constant monitoring for which we often lack the time or patience. Hence YOLO came into being to ensure full fitness of employees who are unable to spend hours at the hospital due to their tight work schedules.

Get the right care, at the right time, at the right place with this DIY healthcare system having finger proof authentication. Simply walk into the ATM and with the help of a paramedic (available at the ATM for guidance) get yourself checked for anything starting from blood pressure, glucose levels, haemoglobin, bone density, Body Mass Index to getting an ECG done.

If you feel you need to consult a professional, live video chat with a doctor. The YOLO team is already in alliance with hospitals like Nanavati Hospital, Hiranandani Hospital, among others. You can also download their mobile app and request an appointment with the concerned doctor.

YOLOs already making a cut for itself at corporate houses like Snapdeal, Indian Oil Corporation, Motilal Oswal, just to name a few. However the plan is to move out of cities like Mumbai and Bangalore (where they have already installed the ATMs) and extend these primary healthcare facilities to rural India to increase accessibility, affordability and accountability.

Want to know the best part? Its extremely pocket-friendly (read CHEAP)! For corporate houses the 24/7 ATMs are installed at a mere price of Rs 50 per month/employee for 500 employees and Rs 30 per month/ employee if the number exceeds 500. There is a nominal fee for each kind of screening that ranges from Rs 20 for services like BP check to Rs 350 for a blood report.

To get this one-of-a-kind health ATM installed in your office premises get in touch with the team through their website

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