Raisins – 8 Surprising Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Of all the numerous dried fruits that are delicious and extremely healthy, raisins occupy a special place owing to its taste and a myriad of health benefits. Raisins are produced by drying grapes in a dryer or under the sun till the grapes turn their color into green, golden, or black depending upon the variety of grapes used. Raisins are a rich source of exceptional nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes and are a great source of energy as well. It is also an impeccable repository

Raisins are a rich source of exceptional nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes and are a great source of energy as well. It is also an impeccable repository of health benefiting dietary fibers, polyphenolics antioxidants, and a league of several other phytonutrients.

Their wrinkled and unattractive looks may not be very pleasing to people, but they are one of the very few highly nutritious foods one can get his/her hands on. Another important factor that makes raisins a common choice for people is that they can be used in a wide variety of forms; they can be eaten raw, used in baking, cooking, or even brewing.

Being a great source of energy, it finds its way pretty easily as an ingredient in many energy supplements and health tonics for mountaineers, athlete, and sportspersons.


Now that you have got an overview of raisins, let us try to find about the myriad of health benefits offered by them;

1. They Help Improve Digestion

Raisins are a great source of natural fibers. Fiber adds weight to the food we eat and helps it move faster in the intestine. It is proved that people who eat raisins regularly have better digestion and higher absorption capacity than people who do not. The fiber in raisins can absorb toxins wastes that might be present in the intestinal tract, and thus it can normalize bowel movement, reduce the chance of infection, and lead to improved digestion, food absorption, and overall health.

2. They Can Prevent Cancer

Catechins, which are a type of polyphenolic antioxidants, present in abundance in raisins can prevent the formation of free radicals that cause the growth of tumors, especially in the colon and related areas. Naturally when raisins are included naturally in your diet, they can prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body, thus reducing the chances of formation of tumors.

3. They Can Treat Anemia

Raisins also act as a great storehouse of copper, iron, and a variety of B complex vitamins which play a vital role in the formation of erythrocytes—or red blood cells, as they are commonly referred to. Regular intake of raisins or including them in your regular diet can address the issue of iron deficiency and ward off anemia. They also help in enhancing the blood clotting process and improving the efficiency of this process.

4. They Give Healthier Skin

Extremely rich and loaded with numerous antioxidants, raisins are a great way to get a clear, healthy, and glowing skin. If you are able to include raisins to your daily diet, you can easily get healthy skin that can put many so-called fairness creams to utter shame. Rich in resveratrol—a powerful antioxidant—raisins can reduce the aging of cells and are able to function as a purifier of blood by eliminating toxins and harmful chemicals. All these blood purifying effects of raisins make it an integral food item in providing you with radiant, nourished, clear, and beautiful skin.

5. They Improve Libido and Sexual Health

As they contain Arginine, an amino acid, which is a natural aphrodisiac found in raisins, this amino acid can induce arousal and libido in people. It is also understood to improve the motility of sperms, improving the likelihood of conception. Raisins are also a well-known food item that can treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men and can improve sexual endurance when consumed as a regular food.

6. They Can Treat Hypertension

Being a great source of copper, potassium, antioxidants, and a variety of B complex vitamins, raisins help in maintaining blood pressure levels. It is the presence of potassium in large quality that helps to reduce the tension in the blood vessels, along with which, the dietary fibers react chemically with the blood vessels and reduce their stiffness. Raisins also contain large quantities of HDL, which is good cholesterol and helps reduce the amount of bad cholesterol, effectively reducing the blockages in the blood vessels and reducing blood pressure. All of these actions together help to reduce hypertension effectively.

7. They Treat Acidity

Raisins are a great answer to several gastric issues faced by people as it contains great amounts of magnesium and potassium which can reduce acidity and other gastric issues quite naturally. Issues such as this can often lead to a wide range of unhealthy conditions such as skin diseases, boils, gout, arthritis, hair loss, renal calculi, heart disease, and sometimes even cancer. The presence of magnesium and potassium, which are a vital component of antacids, can reduce the pH levels of gastric juices, neutralizing the acidity and preventing acidosis from happening.

8. In Supporting Bone Health

Everybody knows that the bones are made of calcium, which is the chief and most important component in inducing better and healthy bone growth. Raisins are rich in calcium and thus provide great support in the growth and health of bones.Raisins also contain a micronutrient- Magnesium, which is required by the body in small quantities and this is what enhances the growth of bones. This also plays an important role in absorbing calcium and in the formation of bones. Regular intake of raisins can help prevent osteoporosis induced by menopause in women and can effectively strengthen joints and bones.


All these benefits make raisins an important food item that everyone must include in their diets for a healthier and better tomorrow. However, the information is provided as a means to get a better understanding of the health benefits of raisins. Care must be taken before including raisins—or any other food item for that matter—in your regular diet. Always seek the advice from a certified dietician or your family doctor. Whatever food you include in your diet must fit your body type and health conditions.


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