Truweight’s Service Plan: Customer Reviews

Are you wondering if Truweight’s plans are actually effective? Are you confused about whether you should go ahead or not?

Then you have landed at the right place. You should definitely read the reviews from actual customers and understand how the plan worked for them. We analysed hundreds of comments and reviews from all over the internet including various blogs, Quora, and Youtube to come up with the list of reviews to help you make an informed decision. The focusing points are Truweight’s team and services, assigned personal nutritionist, the pattern of the diet plan, superfoods and the results obtained.

Customer’s experience while availing the Truweight’s service plan

1. Ranjan Sahoo (46 yr old, Businessman)– “Before joining Truweight, I was suffering from medical ailments like diabetes, high uric acid and high cholesterol. My journey with Truweight has been really motivating. The best thing I liked about Truweight is dedication and punctuality of my coach who has been providing me with timely diet plans and constant motivation. Another best feature is the app itself where I can count and differentiate between good and bad calories. With the help of an efficient team of Truweight, I have not only lost 11 kgs in 5 months but also restored my blood glucose, cholesterol and uric acid level back to normal. I am more energetic and confident than ever”. 

2. Sandeep Kumar Arora (44 yr old, Proprietor, Real estate company)– “I was taking medication for fatty liver disease and was suffering from depression as well. After enrolling in Truweight’s program, as per the procedure and coach’s advice, I went through the blood test and surprisingly, was diagnosed with thyroid, diabetes and high cholesterol levels. That’s when I enrolled in Truweight and I am very lucky to have my first experience there. The people associated with Truweight are very dedicated and the coach is very helpful and supportive. We are never forced to eat things we do not like or is expected to change habits in a day or two. They believe in gradual changes while opting for healthy habits. With significant weight loss, improved medical parameters and reduced medications, most importantly, I learnt about a healthy lifestyle, food choices and balanced nutritious diet”.

3. Rashmi Murthy (36 yr old, Chartered Accountant)– “Before joining Truweight, I was suffering from hypothyroidism along with concern for excess weight. I even started getting intense knee pain restricting my body movements. Unlike other companies, Truweight doesn’t employ any artificial medicines, machines or massages. Moreover, it never asks for regular visits to its centres. Another best thing about Truweight is the assignment of a personal dietitian who not only takes care of meal plans but also motivates you and guides you. With Truweight, I have lost a significant weight of 22 kgs and feel more energetic and fitter than ever”.

4. Rajyalakshmi (31 yr old, Homemaker)– “I was struggling with hypothyroidism contributing to excess weight gain. The bigger problem was that I was unable to lose weight and as a result, developed ankle pain. When I enrolled in Truweight, I realised at that instant only that this program is completely different from other weight loss programs. The best part is its Superfoods and dietitian. My dietitian was Fariya Tabassum who designed a very easy-to-follow diet plan and even changed it in every 15 days. She was very friendly and patient throughout the program. Moreover, superfoods are really tasty, healthy and convenient option. Because of all these aspects, I have lost 10 kgs in 3 months with improved health and fitness levels”.

5. AK Ghosh (Retired Army officer)– “I have always led a very active and hectic lifestyle. But lately, I had started to put on weight with increased blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In fact, I was overweight, hypertensive and diabetic by the time I retired. After joining Truweight, I started following the diet plan religiously while continuing with my daily 5-km walk and game of golf. The daily tracking of the food taken and regular interaction with the dietician staff is exceedingly helpful. The dieticians are extremely friendly, helpful and responsive. Another important feature of the program is the superfoods which are nicely packed and delivered promptly at home. Since that time, I have been witnessing positive changes and even compliments from friends. I am surprised to see that my medical condition is getting better with reduced medication and its dosage. In addition to those seeking weight loss only, I would recommend this plan to all patients with Hypertension and Diabetes, for an overall, all-encompassing lifestyle benefit”.

6. Anupam Bhatnagar (55 yr old, Service)– “Before Truweight, I was in deep trouble with high sugar, high BP, breathing issues and very low stamina. From gym sessions to ayurvedic treatment, I have tried all methods but in vain. This made me lose all interest but Truweight was like fresh air. The superfoods and variety of food plans are the best things about Truweight program. Another best thing about Truweight is the nutritionist who keeps monitoring our food habits, activities and suggests the right diet according to our medical issue. With all this amazing help and guidance, I have lost 15.5 kgs in 7 months and now, I feel fantastic, full of confidence and elated. I have even changed my wardrobe with new measurements”.

How is Trueweight’s weight loss program different from others? 

Like every other weight loss company, Truweight also has some basic principles which it follows and which clearly reflects from its services and the regimen.

  • Unlike other weight loss companies, Truweight considers obesity as a medical problem and treats it with a right, healthy and natural approach.
  • Considering food as the medicine, Truweight believes in “Eat more to lose weight more”.
  • Under Truweight’s weight loss program, they follow the Anti-starvation regime, where the client doesn’t have to eat less or eat low carbs to lose weight. 
  • They believe in eating all the required nutrients in the right amount rather than mere calorie counting.
  • They address the 7 root causes of obesity for healthy management of obesity and obesity-related disorders.
  • Superfoods are an integral part of their programs. On the basis of the weight gain as well as a medical condition, they suggest to incorporate superfoods along with your regular meals.

How the Plan is Customisable according to Customer’s Requirements

Truweight makes sure to tailor the plan as per every individual’s need and condition. Be it the consultant or the personal dietitian, they record all the required information and suggest the package and subsequently, the diet plan and superfoods accordingly. 

Few points they consider while customizing your plan are:

  • Your age, medical condition and BMI
  • Your Profession and working hours
  • Whether you stay alone or with family
  • Cooking facility and accessibility
  • Lifestyle- Active, Moderate or Sedentary
  • Whether you smoke or drink alcohol? It’s frequency?
  • Eating habits – Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, etc.
  • Prevailing season at the time

All the preferences, likings, dislikings, convenience and physiological needs are taken into consideration while customizing the plan for its better and effective following.

Other Services Offered by Truweight

Apart from providing the customized diet plan, Truweight also provides other services to make it a wholesome and result-oriented service.

  • It provides free home consultation at your doorstep.
  • Full Body Composition Analysis is done for better and deeper evaluation of the problem and its root cause.
  • Continuous monitoring, follow-up and regular health-checkups is an integral part of the plan.
  • The diet plan is regularly changed as per the phases and progress of the client.
  • You get to have assistance and supervision under the finest doctors, physicians and specialists for detailed health evaluation.
  • Monthly supply of Superfood kit is also ensured and maintained.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is Truweight safe and trustworthy?
  2. Yes. The Truweight weight loss programs are backed by expert nutritionists and doctors who meticulously design the diet plans based on an individual’s body composition and according to one’s health quotient.
  1. Are Truweight Superfoods safe and natural?
  2. Truweight superfoods are made from ingredients which are natural and nutritionally acclaimed but forgotten over time. Moreover, these food products are passed through special scrutinization of their expert nutritionists. 
  1. What diet does Truweight program follow?
  2. Truweight doesn’t follow one particular diet plan. The clients get a personal dietitian who prepares customized diet plans as per the client’s suitability and medical condition if any.
  1. Can I follow this plan if I have PCOS, Thyroid or Diabetes?
  2. Yes. Truweight has a scientific program that can be followed by those with thyroid, diabetes or PCOS.
  1. Does Truweight’s program give the same results for everybody?
  2. No. As every person is different and reacts in a different manner,  the results will vary from individual to individual. 
  1. Is it a crash diet or a strict diet?
  2. Truweight is totally against any crash diet. Also, a strict diet is not practical. Therefore, it believes in a plan which is simple to follow and flexible, such that you will have to make only little changes to your diet and lifestyle. 

Short Reviews

1. Shanthala Ravishankar (4 Stars)– “Truweight diet plans suit any common people. I did go for a weight loss programme but more than losing weight on how to remain healthy is what I learnt through this programme. I appreciate my coach and the team for helping me out in improving my health which is important at this age.

2. Prafulla Sinha (5 Stars)– “Truweight is true to its name. It’s been a revelation as it has helped us immensely in our journey towards weight reduction. Due to certain unavoidable circumstances we were outstation for almost a month at the cost of severe disruption in following diet chart still, it didn’t affect the progress. This is because the process adopted by Truweight is natural, based on right food choices under the able guidance and supervision of its competent and helpful dietitians. Still halfway through we are confident we will achieve our targets.

3. Abhishek Ivaturi (5 Stars)– “I’ve enrolled in this programme 25 days ago and I’ve lost about 5Kgs. The diet plans are assigned as per different phases that really works very fine for weight reduction. My overall experience so far is very good. A big thank you to my dietician Nazia for her regular follow-ups”.

4. Barnali Sen (5 Stars)– “I am 50 and diabetic. It was not easy for me to lose weight. I have tried living healthy for a very long time but couldn’t lose much weight. But after joining Truweight I have lost almost 9 kgs in 6 months all thanks to the team’s constant effort and guidance. My Dietician Somdutta is a very endearing person and monitors me constantly and keeps on giving me useful tips to stay fit. I have also grown fond of the food that Truweight provides. It gives me many options to eat healthy and well and not go hungry even on a diet”.

5. Sheeba Nair (5 Stars)– “It’s really effective..the best part is the scientific way with which the entire program is designed & the details taken into account to ensure zero inconveniences to the recipient. I would certainly recommend to all”.

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