Rosemary Oil – Interesting Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Rosemary oil is derived from the plant Rosmarinus officinalis and is a vital medicinal and aromatic oil which has been recognized for its medicinal importance in several cultures. It has a long list of health benefits which have been proved time and again by both anecdotal and empirical evidence.

It is widely known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is a well known chemo-preventive agent, is anti- mutagenic, and anti- rheumatic and has been known to be useful against neuralgic pains.

Certain compounds present in rosemary oil have displayed anti-bacterial, insecticidal, anti parasitic and anti-fungal properties and are extremely effective when used to control microbial origin diseases in humans.

rosemary oil

Health benefits of rosemary oil:

  • Rosemary Oil Can Cure Respiratory Disorders:

Rosemary oil has well known and well documented anti-microbial action which is extremely effective while battling infections caused by microbes in humans, specifically.

Due to its aromatic nature, most of the compounds responsible for this effect can be inhaled and are most effective when administered through this method, especially in respiratory disorders since the compounds pass through the respiratory system directly and cannot be broken down by various bodily activities.

This ensures that the total dosage of the medicine is utilized as intended and is capable of fighting the disease optimally.

Rosemary oil is extremely beneficial for patients suffering from a sore throat, congestion, flu, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and the common cold.

The anti-oxidant action of rosemary oil reduces inflammation and eases the passage of air in cases of asthma and allergies.

  • Rosemary Oil Relieves Pain

Rosemary oil is also an anti inflammatory agent and has analgesic properties which help reduce pain, swelling, and provides immediate relief from several kinds of injuries. Specifically, in cases of joint pains, sprains, muscle pulls, etc., rosemary oil plays a major role in bringing the pain under control.

Rosemary oil is also known to improve blood circulation, which results in improved healing and faster clotting of blood in case of serious injuries as well.

Even in cases of a headache, migraine, rheumatism, arthritis and other pains related to old age, rosemary oil goes a long way in providing relief and enables a relaxed sleep which further speeds up the healing process.

  • Rosemary Oil Boosts Memory

Several studies conducted on students have shown that application of small amounts of rosemary oil in various positions on the head and neck helps in improving academic performance, improving secondary memory factors, as well as memory quality. It is also known to improve concentration, reduce fatigue-both mental and physical, and stimulate cognitive function.

So, essentially, it enables a person to focus, concentrate, improve the recall capacity and better still, ensure that memories remain stable for a longer time. It is understood that all this is caused by the action of rosemary oil in increasing the production of cortisol, which is directly correlated to all the above functions.

For these reasons, it is considered to be a promising lead in the discovery of an effective cure for Alzheimer’s disease which affects the memory center and leads to loss of cognition and basic processes as well.

  • Rosemary Oil Can Cure Cancer:

Rosemary oil contains anti oxidants which are known to prevent and fight against cancer. They combat the naturally occurring free radicals which damage cells, DNA, etc, and cause irreparable damage which may end up developing into cancer. Apart from this, certain other chemical compounds like carnosol are also present in rosemary oil.
Studies conducted on carnosol showed that carnosol is toxic for cancer cells, but has otherwise no effect on healthy cells.

Rosemary oil has been shown to be effective against the hepatotoxic effect of several chemotherapy drugs cyclophosphamide. It also prevents human colon cancer cells from spreading and multiplying and kills breast cancer cells and even prevents them from developing.

  • Rosemary Oil Enhances Dermatological Health:

Rosemary oil is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and is an insecticide as well. This means that it can combat almost every possible pathogen that causes diseases in humans. Thus, it comes as no surprise that topical application of rosemary oil can help treat several skin diseases and infections.

Applying rosemary oil mixed with a base of coconut oil can help reduce scarring, discoloration, acne, pimples, rashes, and other skin disorders.

It also kills various bacteria that cause excess secretion of sebum and oils from the skin which results in oily skin and scalp. It also combats certain fungal infections that can cause excessively dry skin, flaking of skin and dandruff. Hence, small quantities of rosemary oil applied to the hair before bathing can result in healthy skin, scalp, and hair.

Also, rosemary oil was found to be as good as the hair loss drug minoxidil and promoted the development of new hair follicles and accelerated the growth of hair as well.

  • Rosemary Oil Can Prevent Malaria, Dengue, and Diphtheria:

The use of rosemary oil as a possible preventative for various vector borne diseases like malaria, filariasis, diphtheria, dengue etc. has been studied for a long time by various research groups. The method of action in these cases was the insecticidal nature of rosemary oil.

Rosemary oil has been found to disrupt the normal process of fertilization and egg laying in mosquitoes and sometimes even rendering mosquitoes sterile by its action on them.

This prevents mosquitoes from proliferating and spreading in their peak breeding season and this has a notable effect on the number of infection caused during this period.

Spraying a mist of rosemary oil on stagnant water and spraying rosemary oil based repellents in the home can result in reduced occurrence of such diseases.

  • Rosemary Oil Reduces Stress and Tiredness:

Rosemary oil can be used as a rejuvenating agent and various studies have supported this hypothesis. A study conducted on 20 healthy volunteers showed that after aromatherapy sessions using rosemary oil, the participants showed accelerated heart rates, increased breathing rate, high blood pressure and felt more active than before, and accepted that they felt fresher.

EEG results also showed that brain activity was significantly increased and reduction in stress levels and tiredness was observed.

A short aromatherapy session using rosemary oil after a long day of work can do wonders to the energy levels of participants.


Rosemary oil is toxic to ingest and should never be taken orally under any circumstances. If accidental ingestion occurs, contact the nearest medical center immediately and drink lots of water to flush down and dilute the oil.

Excessive use may cause problems for pregnant women, diabetics, heart patients and those suffering from hypertension.

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