Can Ayurveda cure Psoriasis? Story of Prabhu!

Psoriasis Treatment in Ayurveda | Battle of Prabhu to Cure Psoriasis

Psoriasis has been my ongoing battle. I have tried almost everything to help me get rid of it, but to no avail. So, what is psoriasis? It is a skin condition that causes red and blotchy patches of thickened skin due to the rapid production of cells. This condition is non-contagious and affects elbows, knees and scalp.

Fighting this condition had taken a toll on my mind, confidence, and even my wallet. Trying Psoriasis Treatment through Ayurveda was always on the back of my mind, but I neverwent for it because some people say the process is slow, etc. So, I donned my research glasses and started reading about it. After going through a plethora of articles I realised my information was half-baked and completely false.psoriasis treatment

Psoriasis Treatment in Bangalore

Unlike allopathy, Ayurveda makes sure it flushes out the root cause of the disease. And, that is the reason why it takes time. Also, in Ayurveda, it is all natural, therefore, you are not exposed to any side-effects in the future. While I was looking for Ayurvedic centres, I came across NuAyurveda. All their doctors were experienced and qualified. So, without any postponement, I booked an appointment with them.

I booked my appointment in the morning and was there by 8-30. They just have one clinic in Bangalore (In Sadashivnagar) and it was basically on the other corner for me, so the long drive was frustrating. However, I was able to locate the clinic easily and the interiors are nice and cosy. The front office was professional, and they led me to the doctor straight away.

My doctor was a thorough gentleman who patiently listened to all my problem without any interruptions. Once I was done, he checked my condition and recommended Panchakarma for me. This treatment was a weeklong treatment meant to detox and purify the body.

As the name suggests, Panchakarma is a set of five treatments. This can last anywhere between seven days to forty-seven days, depending on the individual. The benefits of this treatment include; complete body cleansing, elimination of harmful toxins, opening all the clogged channels in the body, improving digestion and metabolism, rejuvenation, relaxation, relieving stress, and boosting the immunity.

The whole treatment was extensive. The first 3 days I was slightly uncomfortable. The treatment made me emotional and my body was taking a toll. By the fourth day, I was feeling renewed. It was as if a whole weight had been lifted off me. I was happier, thoroughly relaxed, and was just feeling a burst of positivity. Once I finished the treatment I noticed improvement in my psoriasis. Not only did I see improvement, some dark spots also disappeared. I was simply ecstatic.=

My doctor asked me to make a few changes in my lifestyle and diet. He also asked me to start meditation as it helps reduce stress and stress can trigger psoriasis. He prescribed a few Ayurvedic pills as a part of psoriasis treatment and I was good to go. Opting for Ayurveda was probably one of the best decisions of my life.


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