Pilgrim Secrets of Jeju product -How good are they?

Jeju islands, situated in the most beautiful corners of Korea are the fertile oasis for the most amazing skin-friendly minerals and elements found in nature, hence, these islands are also called – the Island of Gods. The volcanic origins of these islands introduced the world to a unique ecosystem that is naturally mineral-rich, geothermic, and blessed by spring waters.

Pilgrim is a clean beauty brand with its roots and beliefs in the spirit of the skin-friendly minerals and elements found on Jeju Island’s ecosystem. Pilgrim has created a range of skincare and hair care products from the volcanic fortified landscape, using potent beauty ingredients like Volcanic Lava Ash, Camellia Oil, Yugdugu, and White Lotus amongst others. These ingredients helped Pilgrim in making products with the original Jeju essence that assisted in sensorial escape from the fast-pace of daily life and rejuvenate with the natural healthy skin and hair in perfect harmony with nature.

The Pilgrim all-natural hair care, body care and skincare Jeju products were introduced to the world with the virtue of being a beauty seeker with the spirit of a wanderer. Pilgrim not only offers individual cosmetics targeted to specific issues like tanning, wrinkles and oily skin but also offers rituals in the form of a package that contains all the necessary products to attend to a specific skin type and a specific concern.
So, how good are Pilgrim products?

– Looking at the consumer’s response over the reviews published on Amazon and their own website it seems to be quite a widely accepted brand bringing in something new to the table for beauty seekers.

– Consumers have a common take on these products being unique and something that they had never tried but were looking for by trying different products in the market

– The mere thought of offering the original Korean beauty values right from the Jeju Islands and packaging them in concern specific rituals is fascinating for many

– The products are free from harmful sulfates and parabens, that itself gives Pilgrim an upper hand for being a great product line

– They consistently avoid the use of 20 toxic chemicals that are harmful for the skin like Toulene, Diethanolamine, Talc and more

– They have used ingredients like Argan Oil, camellia, cocoa butter, shea butter and more amazing things that make up for the soft texture in the products and have lots of benefits on the skin of different types
Overall, the brand Pilgrim in itself deems to be a market leader in skincare and cosmetics industry by providing a one-stop solutions to the one seeking a standard product that they can depend on for taking care of their skin and making sure that the skin nutrient requirements are met to the fullest.

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