Shopsite vs Magento Comparisons – Which one is better for your Ecommerce Business

There is a steep competition between sellers in the contemporary situation. With online shopping becoming more popular amongst the masses, the number of online retailers is also increasing. It is very important under these circumstances to consider the correct platform for your website. Magento and ShopSite are two popular choices amongst customers and they include a number of different features. Magento is extremely dynamic with a scope for 100% customization while ShopSite is more convenient for beginners with little knowledge of coding.
The differences between Shopsite vs Magento can be analyzed as:

POPULAR CHOICE AMONGST USERS: Magento is extremely popular amongst online retailers. According to the Alexa study of 2020, Magento covers a significant proportion of 20% of all eCommerce stores. It includes more than 250,000 active eCommerce sites currently, as compared to a mere 1382 for Shopsite. This gives a clear indication of the popularity of Magento over ShopSite.

FEATURE INTENSIVE: Magento has a wide range of features that attract a whole lot of sellers. It is extremely feature intensive and provides variations in web design, shopping cart, customer service, mobile commerce, analytics, and reporting, etc. Business firms with experience in coding and data developers as a part of their team, can make optimum use of these features to enhance their existing websites. Meanwhile, ShopSite provides very basic features that limit both customization and scalability.

HIGH LEVEL OF CUSTOMIZATION: The availability of a number of features makes it convenient for the sellers to have full control over their website and customize it as per their requirement. Themes, sales tools, payment gateways, checkout process, security setups, etc can all be customized completely. It also allows for easy integration with third-party digital tools. It includes Page Builder CMS which helps in constructing a unique page for the customers through a highly customized website. Customization on ShopSite is limited. A seller can add few upgrades to the default features but the scope for maximum change is limited.

SCALABILITY: Magento is highly scalable and is perfect for already established businesses that are growing rapidly. ShopSite however, won’t provide optimum outcomes for rapidly growing firms. It is a good option for beginners and for firms who aren’t planning on branching out.

LARGE USER COMMUNITY: Magento has a huge user community that is called the Magento Forums and it consists of 447,982 members. Users here can get answers to all their queries from established business firms. Sellers can obtain good ideas and tips on the ways to use all the different features provided by the platform for maximum expansion of their business. ShopSite doesn’t have such a community and thus obtaining direct feedback from already established sellers is not accessible.

SALES TOOLS: Magento has incorporated really interesting sales tools like customized coupons, offers, store credits, fixed price discounts, abandoned cart recovery etc. It also includes default setups for multiple product variants, multiple attribute variants, and total revenue reports. Such variations are not available on ShopSite. Sales tools on ShopSite are very basic as compared to Magento.

EASE OF USE: Search filters on ShopSite are very basic and are available on every other platform. Magento has a very user-friendly admin panel and a fairly simple dashboard that allows easy navigation for users. It makes the whole process accessible for sellers and gives a better customer experience. Magento is definitely easier to use.

AVAILABILITY ON DIFFERENT DEVICES: Magento is available on different devices including desktops, mobile phones and tablets. ShopSite is not available on every device and is thus less accessible to sellers as compared to Magento. Magento is highly accessible and enriches the user experience.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Magento includes uncountable guides and prompts regarding SEO that guides the sellers in improving their ranks on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It enables the sellers to customize all the tags and URLs. Magento does better in case of SEO than ShopSite.

AVAILABILITY OF GUIDANCE: Premium subscription on Magento allows the sellers to leave the responsibility of the website development on a team of trained professionals provided by Magento. They can build the whole website based on the requirement of the sellers. Although it is a little expensive, it has received excellent feedback. Such services are not available on ShopSite.

On the whole, there are significant differences between Magento and ShopSite. Magento allows for more customization and optimized websites that increase conversion rates and boost sales. While ShopSite is a good option for beginners, Magento is evidently more beneficial for large scale enterprises as well as for Small and Medium Scale Businesses which are looking to grow. If you’re planning to open an eCommerce business, you should definitely consider Magento.

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