Zinc – 10 Amazing Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Zinc has loads of health benefits to the body. It can be secreted in the body by some organs like prostate gland, salivary gland, and the pancreas. Moreover, you can also find some of it in healthy food products such as turnips, oysters, whole wheat grain, pecan nuts, almonds, peas, peanuts, oats, ginger roots, and meat as well as pumpkin seeds.

Zinc is an essential mineral that often helps in the synthesis of proteins as well as in the regulation of cell production. Besides, high amounts of zinc can be found in the retina, liver, kidney, pancreas, bones, skin cells as well as white and red blood cells.

Moreover, the human body needs it to function well. Studies have revealed that about 3,000 proteins in the human body consist of zinc and 300 enzymes require it in order to function.

Besides, it can help with the control of diabetes, stress reduction, hair care, skin care and the proper functioning of the digestive and immune system.

But you should note that its deficiency in the body often leads to low blood pressure, growth retardation, diarrhea, weight loss, loss of smell and taste as well as depression and fatigue.

The Health Benefits of Zinc


Zinc is highly valuable to the body as it often helps with proper food processing as well as boosting the immune system. It is found in some of the strongest muscles of the body including the prostate gland and semen.

Moreover, it needs to be replenished every now and then as it is often eliminated from the body through excretions and urination. You can rely on some parts of your body to produce some of it and eat healthy food products that are rich in zinc.

Zinc can relieve your whole body of pain and its deficiency often leads to loads of problems in the body like white spots under the finger as well as pale, rough skin and bone retardation.

Here are some other health benefits of zinc mineral to the body.

1. Zinc Stimulates the Synthesis of Proteins

Zinc is a must have in your diet as it is an antioxidant that is involved in the functioning of your entire body. It is involved in some essential biochemical reactions in the body like enzymatic functions, protein synthesis, as well as carbohydrate metabolism.

Therefore, its consumption is highly recommended on a daily basis.

2. Zinc Helps in the Regulation of Enzymes

Zinc mineral is highly valuable and essential especially in the functions related to enzymes in different parts of the body. It helps in protein synthesis, maintenance of hormonal level, regulation of cell growth, regulation of gene transcription and DNA, as well as energy metabolism and other related enzymatic functions in the body.

3. Zinc Improves Cognitive Function

Studies have found that zinc has a very strong impact when it comes to mental function. This is because it can pair up with vitamins like vitamin B6 for a proper functioning of the neurotransmitters that often communicate with the rest of the body.

Moreover, it can be found in large concentrations in the hippocampus, an organ that controls memory and thought process.

Besides, in case of an injury, you should always consume extra zinc so as to keep your brain strong and functional. This is because the body can divert zinc to other parts to aid in the healing process.

4. Zinc Boosts Reproductive Health

Zinc is beneficial to both the male and female reproductive system. It is one of the most important nutrients for pregnant women as well as mothers and infants.

Zinc is essential for the functioning and repair of DNA as well as in the rapid build-up and growth of cells in the course of the whole pregnancy period. This is because of the loads of enzymatic reactions that often take place during this time.

Besides, it also helps with different reproductive phases in females as well as in the lactation and parturition stages.

Zinc is also helpful in spermatogenesis and the development of male sex organs. It can sedate the sperm so it does not expend loads of unnecessary energy. Likewise, it prevents the sperm reproductive DNA from breaking down so as to enable correct information transfer.

Zinc also gives the sperm enough energy so as to penetrate the egg easily once it enters the female reproductive tract.

5. Zinc Prevents Prostate Disorder

Zinc is highly essential for prostate health as its deficiency can enlarge the prostate and make it vulnerable to prostate cancer. You can always consume 15mg of zinc in case of a prostate disorder.

Studies have also shown that it can reduce the growth of tumor in the prostate glands, even in normal levels.

6. Zinc Can Prevent Cancer

Zinc often plays an important role in the body especially when it comes to fighting off free radicals. It often seeks and eliminates these free radicals so as to limit the occurrence of any disease in the body.

It also protects the prostate glands from a disease like cancer, by ensuring that it does not strain or get damaged by the free radicals.  This is because free radicals often morph normal body cells into cancerous cells by simply breaking down the integrity of the DNA. But a healthy nutritious zinc diet can prevent all this from happening.

7. Zinc Controls Bone Loss

Zinc is good for the bones as it contains traces of hydroxyapatite, a salt that often aids in making the bone matrix hard and strong. It can also prevent premature bone aging.

It is highly recommended to add zinc to your diet as much as you can, especially as you age.

8. Zinc Relieves Chronic Fatigue

Zinc is often needed for muscle formation, so consuming loads of food rich in zinc can aid with chronic fatigue that often arises from muscle fatigue.

Most doctors often recommend fish oil as a starter pack to healing chronic fatigue as it contains loads of zinc minerals. Besides, zinc can also boost your daily energy levels for optimal body functioning.

9. Zinc Can Treat Night Blindness

Zinc can improve night vision if consumed the right way (150-450mg). You can also supplement your diet with it from beef, oysters, buckwheat, lamb, and crabs so as to improve your vision.

Vitamin A, which often improves vision, can also ensure the stimulation of certain enzymes in the body that would not function without zinc in your system.

10. Zinc Is Good for Skin Care

Zinc is very effective in the reduction and prevention of pimples and acne that often arise from high progesterone levels in the body. It does this by regulating the amount of progesterone in your system for an acne-free skin condition.

Moreover, zinc is also great at aiding collagen synthesis, which ensures an oil-free and healthy skin condition. Besides, it also reduces any chance of skin infection by stimulating the production of white blood cells that often fight different kinds of diseases.


Zinc is beneficial to the body but too much of it can lead to small side effects in the body like stomach upset and digestion problems as well as headaches and heartburns. This can also result from the consumption of the wrong kind of zinc, overdose, as well as intolerance on your part.

Moreover, high doses of zinc can also impair your immunity. Likewise, it can also reduce your sense of smell and taste by making the taste in your mouth somehow metallic, but this does not last for long.

Additionally, too much zinc can also cause iron and copper deficiency in the body as zinc often competes with these two elements. The result is often pale skin tone, anemia as well as low white blood cells and the risk of contracting different kinds of infections.

In addition to all these, high consumption of zinc is often toxic, so it is better to keep it at 50mg a day and only a little more when under certain treatments. Some of the side effects can be chest pain, jaundice, dizziness, and chills as well as fever and trouble with breathing.

So, keep it low and always consult a doctor before ingesting it as a medicine.


Zinc is highly beneficial to the whole body and has the ability to prevent loads of infections in your body as well as inhibit certain forms of cancer.

However, it is advisable to always keep it in low quantities especially when consuming it on a daily basis. Otherwise, it might cause some mild to serious side effects to your body. But you can also consult a medical expert if you want to take it for certain skin or body conditions.

Conclusively, always try to supplement zinc into your daily diet for the proper functioning of your body organs. It is also recommended that you consume organic natural food products that are rich in zinc as opposed to processed ones.

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